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Article: 5 Ways to Keep That Valentine's Day Magic Alive (No, Really)

5 Ways to Keep That Valentine's Day Magic Alive (No, Really)

5 Ways to Keep That Valentine's Day Magic Alive (No, Really)

Who said the end of Valentine's Day means the magic has to wither? Not us. Here's how to give those love-infused petals a second act that's as fun and snarky as a rom-com rerun.

The Great Dried Flower Hang-Up


Think of this as the reality show of the flower world—where blooms go to retire but end up stealing the spotlight. Grab that stick you'd have fought over as a kid, tie up those blooms like they're learning aerial yoga, and voila: wall decor that's part nostalgia, part "I made this while binge-watching my favourite series."

Step 1: Locate a stick. Not just any stick. The stick. The one that screams, "I'm too chic to have ever been outside."

Step 2: Tie those blooms up like they're about to perform the greatest aerial act known to your living room. Upside down, because we're edgy like that.

Step 3: Attach these upside-down wonders to your chosen stick. Think of it as a floral balance beam.

Step 4: Suspend this masterpiece from a nail, and there you have it: a dried flower decor that's trying really hard not to brag.

2. Pressed Flower Chronicles


Pressed flowers are the introverts of the art world: quiet, thoughtful, and surprisingly deep. Squish 'em in a book (because who reads those anymore, right?), wait a bit, then stick 'em on something. It's like scrapbooking but cooler, with a 100% chance of making you feel like a Pinterest queen.

Step 1: Sandwich your botanical buddies between paper towels, like a veggie burger that's all about the aesthetics.

Step 2: Hide them in a book. A heavy one. Maybe that textbook you swore you'd read but now serves a higher purpose.

Step 3: After a suspenseful week or two, unleash these flattened florals and stick them onto something deserving, like cardstock.

Step 4: Admire. Maybe frame. Definitely tell everyone about your newfound florist skills.

3. DIY Floral Phone Couture


Turn your phone case into a mini botanical garden because, let's face it, your phone is basically another limb at this point. This DIY says, "Yes, I'm glued to my screen, but I'm also whimsical and in touch with nature." Plus, it's a great way to ensure no one else grabs your phone by mistake at brunch.

Step 1: Pick a clear phone case and pretend it's your canvas. Because art.

Step 2: Arrange your dried florals with the finesse of a miniaturist. Position is key. This is serious business.

Step 3: Snap your phone back in. Boom. Your phone's now too cool for just calls and texts.

4. Blossom Bookmarks


For those who still crack open a book now and then, these bookmarks are a gentle nudge from nature to remember your page (and maybe that romance isn't dead after all). It's crafting meets reading, with a side of "Look at me, being all traditional and stuff."

Step 1: Repeat the pressing process. Yes, again. This time, think thin and bookmark-y.

Step 2: Glue your botanical flatmates onto a strip of something bookmark-ish. Cardstock, maybe? Get wild.

Step 3: Add a tassel if you're feeling extra. Because why not?

5. Potpourri, But Make It Personal


Making potpourri is like mixing a cocktail of memories: a little bit sweet, a dash of nostalgia, and a sprinkle of "Why didn't I think of this sooner?" It's a DIY that's as easy as pie and twice as fragrant, perfect for when you want your place to smell like "I've got my life together" with minimal effort.

Step 1: Dry out those floral troopers. Oven method for the impatient, air-dry for the purists.

Step 2: Crumble the dried heroes into a bowl, like you're making a salad but with way less nutritional value.

Step 3: Splash in some essential oils. Be the mixologist of scents you always knew you could be.

Step 4: Let it sit, stew, and infuse. Then, display your fragrant concoction like the alchemist you are.

There you have it—a post-Valentine's craft guide that's less about sappy love and more about channeling those feels into something fabulously tangible. Because who needs Cupid when you've got glue and a bit of sass?

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