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Article: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Happy International Friendship Day, darlings! Do you remember the day you met your special friend? Well, these women certainly do, and it takes more than just a desire to be friends to build a friendship.

Sometimes, friendships are harder than relationships, but it's always rewarding in the end.

Here are two stories from two pairs of friends - who may not always be best friends, but their strong bond keeps them together nonetheless.

Momtrepreneurs by profession, sisters at heart: Penny Choo from BloomThis and Jenn Low from Wanderlust + Co.

Sometimes, friendship can stem from working relationships. Yes, it is possible. It doesn’t have to be all about work - that’s the last thing you’d want your friendship to be based on.

Our lady boss, Penny Choo tells us about her #bossbabe friend, Jenn Low, the founder of Wanderlust + Co, and how their friendship is founded on self-love and unconditional support.

Penny and Jenn met in 2016 when BloomThis and Wanderlust + Co were having a discussion on a partnership. Jenn invited Penny to a campaign brunch called Actually I Can which collaborated with a programme, Sponsor A Sister.

BloomThis and Wanderlust + Co. work well together because the girl bosses understand each other tremendously, ever since their first defining talk in 2016 ‘til this very day.

Penny treasures her friendship with Jenn as much as one would value a rare gem (because that’s what a true friend is!).

“Jenn is fellow entrepreneur who shares a similar profile with me,” she said. “We’re both momtrepreneurs with a business to juggle and babies to take care of.” Penny describes her momtrepreneur bestie as kind, very empathetic and generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge.

Motherhood may change some friendships, and it certainly brought Penny and Jenn closer together, as they could share the joys of motherhood together. Jenn had her first child 2 years earlier than Penny did, and soon the latter was able to join in on the experience.

“Obviously, I have so much more to learn from her,” Penny said. Now that she’s a mom to her adorable 9-month old daughter, her friend’s accomplishments amaze her even more, which includes the positive impact she projects onto her own circle of friends.

During the earlier days of Penny’s breastfeeding journey, Jenn was the rock she leaned on for mental support.

“While most people (but not all) would draw their attention to the baby, Jenn gave me a lot of tips on self-love,” she explained.

Jenn was the friend she turned to for support and she even managed to find the right type of pillow for Penny to prevent her back from aching during breastfeeding. It was arduous at first, but the women pulled through together.

“But most of all, she assured me that we can eventually manage everything, even when it feels hopeless because as women, we are powerful like that.”

Same initials on paper, kindred souls in spirit: Jeannette Goon on finding a friend with a kindred spirit.

There are some days when you meet someone, and you can just click. And that is so rare, the older you get.

It doesn’t matter how random it is, but what matters is that you’re both kindred spirits who seem to understand each other, and share the same interests.

Writer and SEO wizard Jeannette Goon tells us a story about a friend whom she met quite randomly back in 2017. PS: They share the same initials! Isn’t it such a coincidence?

Jeannette and her friend in fate were working in the same building, but different companies. Someone in the building was doing renovation during office hours and making a lot of noise so the former went knocking on doors to find out who would do such a thing?

As the universe would have it, the people doing renovation works were in the unit next to hers. Poor girl.

“We met again in the lift a day after, but I just said hello,” Jeannette began.

Back then, the friendship gods were nudging them closer. Jeannette met her again at an event. “We were both invited by the same person. So we decided to exchange names and numbers to have lunch one day.”

“Months later, I randomly texted her to ask if she was into cigars and whisky, which I'm into.”

Can you guess it already? Jeannette’s friend was into both cigars and whisky!

“So, we both were like, okay, universe, we will be friends," she said, with finality.

Since then, they’ve both found out that they are the same age, born in the same month and have the same name initials. Don’t you dare tell us its not fate at work!

Although they’re technically not best friends forever, they hang out and chat often. Their partners have hung out too, so, thank you universe!

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