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Article: Wo Ai Ni (我爱你) - A 520 (五二零) Gift Guide

Wo Ai Ni (我爱你) - A 520 (五二零) Gift Guide

Wo Ai Ni (我爱你) - A 520 (五二零) Gift Guide

Strap in and hold onto your heartstrings, because we're about to take love to the next level. Welcome to a guide where every choice is a love letter crafted in the language of whimsy and wonder. Forget the clichés and prepare for a celebration of affection that’s as bold as it is unexpected.

Let’s dive into a world where romance meets playful charm, and every gift is a grand gesture dressed up in a cheeky grin, perfect for 520 (五二零) day.

Heart Embellished Chain-Link Ring | Charles & Keith

This ring isn’t just jewelry; it’s cheeky charm wrapped around your finger, flashing a heart that begs for a backstory. It’s so shiny, even your envious neighbor noticed—and now it’s the talk of the block party.

Price: RM 89.90

Shop Heart Embellished Chain-Link Ring | Charles & Keith

Bronte Contrast-Trim Boxy Crossbody Bag | Charles & Keith

Strut out with a bag that’s more about adventure than accessories. It’s not just storage; it’s your ticket to the urban runway. This isn’t a bag; it’s a declaration of independence from boring.

Price: RM 259.90

Shop Bronte Contrast-Trim Boxy Crossbody Bag | Charles & Keith

Baies/Berries Candle | Diptyque

Light this up and let the room swirl into a berry-flavored garden party. No dress code required, just your nose. This candle doesn’t just set the mood; it throws the whole dinner party.

Price: RM 219

Shop Baies/Berries Candle | Diptyque

INSTAX mini Evo | Fujifilm

This camera steals moments from time, turning them into hand-held memories with a touch of old-school flair. It’s not just a camera; it’s a time machine, and yes, it’s cooler than your friend's new smartphone.

Price: RM 928

Shop INSTAX mini Evo | Fujifilm

Baking Classes | Bakebe

Don your apron and star in your own culinary showdown. Whip, frost, and sprinkle your way to stardom. It’s less of a class, more of a flavour festival, where you’re both the stars and the audience all at once, no applause necessary.

Price: RM 210 per couple

Shop Baking Classes | Bakebe

Matching Gemstones | GemPundit

Step into a world where gemstones are more than bling—they’re characters in your style story, each one vying for the lead role. This isn’t just accessorizing; it’s assembling a rock band of dazzling, gemmy personalities.

Price: RM 30 - >RM 300

Shop Matching Gemstones | GemPundit

Dumpling Gold Necklace | Wanderlust+Co

This necklace isn’t just an accessory; it’s a conversation starter, packed with charm and a secret message inside. It’s like wearing your heart around your neck, but way cooler and with dumplings.

Price: RM 295

Shop Dumpling Gold Necklace | Wanderlust+Co

Charmed 2.0 | Machino

Meet the sandals that know a thing or two about fashion and function. They’re not just on your feet; they’re making statements with every step. Imagine a catwalk model in flip-flops, now add a flower—it’s practically revolutionary.

Price: RM 158

Shop Charmed 2.0 | Machino

Marilyn Pink Carnation Bouquet | BloomThis

Step into a riot of pink where subtlety takes the back seat and boldness holds the wheel. This isn’t a bouquet; it’s a personality test that screams, "Yes, I deserve an entire festival!" Forget quietly blending in; these carnations are here to party harder than your loudest aunt at a family reunion.

Price: RM 135 | Medium. RM 169 | Large

Shop Marilyn Pink Carnation Bouquet | BloomThis

Aphrodite Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis

Not just roses, but audacious arrows of amor, each petal a chapter in your whirlwind romance novel. It’s like they’re plotting a surprise party for your senses, and spoiler alert: they’re bringing more drama than your favourite reality TV star on finale night.

Price: RM 209 | Medium. RM 249 | Large

Shop Aphrodite Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis

Rosalie Balloon Flower Box | BloomThis

Who needs words when you’ve got balloons popping up with flowery grins? It’s less of a gesture and more of a mic drop in the conversation of love. This isn’t just a delivery; it’s a parade in a box, marching right up to your doorstep.

Price: RM 159 - RM 189 | Small. RM 219 - RM 249 | Medium. RM 269 - RM 299 | Large

Shop Rosalie Balloon Flower Box | BloomThis

Ashley Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

These roses don’t whisper; they declare undying love from the rooftops, serenading you with a bouquet that’s more opera than floral arrangement. Each stem is practically auditioning for the lead role in your personal soap opera of affection.

Price: RM 139 | Small. RM 199 | Medium. RM 325 | Large

Shop Ashley Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Casabella Pink Hydrangea Bouquet | BloomThis

Dive into a hydrangea haze where every bloom is a ticket to your private spring affair. Forget the map; getting lost here is the whole point. These aren’t just flowers; they’re your escape plan from reality, wrapped up in petals.

Price: RM 229

Shop Casabella Pink Hydrangea Bouquet | BloomThis

Aphrodite Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Enter a ballroom where roses lead the dance, twirling under the chandeliers, each stem a gossip column of glamour. They're not just flowers; they're your dance partners in a waltz that lasts till dawn.

Price: RM 249

Shop Aphrodite Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Summer Sunflower Bouquet | BloomThis



Here’s a burst of sunshine that doesn’t believe in cloudy days. It’s your personal cheerleader, dressed in yellow, spreading smiles like they’re going out of fashion. This bouquet isn’t just sunny; it’s the life of the party, and yes, it’s brought its own disco ball.

Price: RM 169

Shop Summer Sunflower Bouquet | BloomThis

Don’t let the momentum stop here—our collection is a click away, ready to turn any day into a spectacular celebration of affection. Remember, each choice isn’t just a gift; it’s a blockbuster romance, comedy, and adventure all wrapped up in one, delivered straight from our heart to yours. Hope you’re ready for the flurry of 我爱你’s (Wo Ai Ni), you lover, you.

Looking for more? Our collection's here for you!

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