7 thoughtful last-minute Mother's Day gifts Malaysia 2018


Here’s a list of 7 thoughtful last-minute gifts that are perfect for mom on Mother’s Day. You can purchase these presents online and in a couple of clicks, and have them delivered to your mom on time. 

If you’re reading this, Mother’s Day probably snuck up on you, as it did to me a few times. I just forgot, until see a Mother’s Day post on Instagram and panic. Or I’ll procrastinate on buying gifts until the very last minute.

Anyway, my mom’s the type who tells me not to “waste money” buying presents for her, but it’s no secret that gifts make her happy because she receives them with a smile. If your mom is anything like mine, remember that she secretly likes gifts as much as anyone else does!


1) BloomThis



A curation of florals that is both feminine and warm, Pheobe is carefully handcrafted with bespoke soft pink and cherry pink carnations, white dendrobium orchids and foliage. Flowers are a lady’s best friend and mom will be pleasantly surprised when she receives this bouquet- along with a gift card in which you can include a heartfelt message. It’s quick, personal, and also a really pretty, thoughtful gift for mom. It’s the perfectly classic gift for the queen of your heart.

Buy: BloomThis Phoebe
Price: From RM149
Delivery: KL and Penang
Delivery time: same day- next day


Klassik batik v.2



KANOE incorporates the elements of traditional style and modern elegance in these flowy batik tops. This gift is perfect for moms who simply love batik patterns and fabric (who doesn’t tbh). Plus, it’s soft, comfortable, and perfect for casual or business wear on #BatikThursdays without looking too traditional. Mom will surely think of you whenever she dons this top- which, comfort-wise, will probably be quite often.

Buy: Klassik batik v.2
Price: RM 179
Delivery: MY
Delivery time: 2- 4 working days


3) B’Nottee

Black Flap NotteeBook 1 + 2 set




B’Nottee presents a timeless classic notebook encased in a handsewn cover made of  kraft paper. This notebook is perfect for mom to write in- her thoughts, to-do-lists, and recipes. You can even get her name engraved on the cover of the notebook for a personalized touch. Plus, B’Nottee provides gift-wrapping services for their products upon request, free of charge. This saves you the hassle of wrapping it yourself.

Buy: Black Flap NotteeBook 1 + 2 set
Price: RM 168
Delivery: MY
Delivery time: 3 - 8 working days


4) Earth Care Soaps

Eco-friendly soaps



For moms with sensitive skin and a penchant for natural beauty products, these eco-friendly soaps from Earth Care Soaps are the epitome of giving the gift of love. These soaps are produced using the bases of natural oils and glycerin to provide nourishment and moisture to one’s skin. The soaps are formulated without parabens or animal fats to ensure that it’s safe for users with sensitive skin. Mom’s skin will appear more hydrated and plump in no time at all, and she will have you to thank for that!

Buy: Earth Care Soaps
Price: from RM 20
Delivery: MY
Delivery time: 2- 4 working days


5) Cocoraw

The Teh Tarik (chocolate truffles)




Mom will surely enjoy these handmade chocolate truffles infused with teh tarik (hence its name). These truffles are made with premium Belgian chocolates, which gives it an unexpected luxury edge over regular chocolate truffles. Plus, the black tea and condensed milk immersed into the chocolate truffle formula gives it a unique bittersweetness that would melt in mom’s mouth. What’s not to love about this last minute pick-me-up?

Buy: The Teh Tarik
Price: RM 20 per box
Delivery: MY
Delivery time: next day


6) Suen Jewellery

Necklace- Love DNA




You just can’t go wrong with jewellery, especially since the minimalist trend is taking the world by storm right now. This lovely statement necklace by Suen manages to convey a feminine elegance in a totally cool, sciencey way. Specially designed with the a modern finish, this silver DNA-inspired necklace could be a thoughtful way of expressing how much you love your mom, without actually saying it at all.

Buy: Necklace- Love DNA
Price: from RM 309
Delivery: MY
Delivery time: 2- 3 working days


7) The Tea Republic

Tea Pyramid Gift Box- Mixed




If your mom is a tea enthusiast (tbh who wouldn't be?) let her sample a few signature blends from The Tea Republic. Mix and match your choices to her from an interesting array of oolong teas, white teas, black teas, and tisane. The gift of good health (and delicious tea!) will surely be one of mom’s favourites during Mother’s Day, especially if it comes from a thoughtful place.

Buy: Tea Pyramid Gift Box- Mixed
Price: from RM 49
Delivery: MY
Delivery time: 2- 3 working days

Here’s a quick tip- besides MD Pheobe, BloomThis has a wide selection of specially handcrafted bouquets for our Mother’s Day collection. You could pair any of the gifts above with a bouquet as BloomThis offers free same day delivery. Wouldn’t it delight your mom to receive TWO Mother’s Day gifts? Hope you liked these suggestions, and remember- Mother’s Day is just around the corner! PS: It’s on 13th May 2018, in case you didn’t know!

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