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Article: The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas in Malaysia [2022]


The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Ideas in Malaysia [2022]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The build-up to 25th December is truly the most anticipated time of the year. Gifts and goodies aplenty, it's pretty easy to lose track buying gifts for everyone (or to even forget filling up your OWN wishlist!) 

But have no fear, Bloomthis has been extra nice this year and is here to help Santa out with your Christmas gift ideas this 2022! Level up your Secret Santa game with these interesting Christmas gifts - I'm pretty sure that at least one of them will be on someone's wishlist. Get a Christmas present for your loved one from this carefully curated list of thoughtful Christmas gift ideas.

What are the best Christmas gifts in Malaysia?

Let’s be real. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t come as a surprise how this task could be fairly daunting. The number of vast possibilities to explore, do you go with personalised or practical gifts? What gift screams “This is ESPECIALLY for YOU”. Is there really a BEST gift? Maybe so. While you’re trying to crack your head thinking about this, let’s remind ourselves it’s not entirely about the gift but the thought behind it. So there’s really no right or wrong answer to this but a curated list of Christmas gift ideas never hurt anybody. So without further ado, let's get to what you clicked for.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

When setting out to find the right gifts for the men in your life, chances are, we are normally stumped. Whether you're shopping for your brother, your dad, or your boyfriend, it doesn't have to be rocket science. It’s been said that men are very much interested in purposeful gifts and items they can use in their daily lives. Christmas gifts for men? Checked.

Gala | BloomThis

Shop Gala | BloomThis

For the man who is feeling festive. Send him a Christmas gift of happiness in a box! Gala is a classic Christmas gift with a 200ml bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, adorned with festive flowers all around. It's the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, or dad, especially if they're hosting a Christmas party.


Price: RM 289

Ships To: KL, Selangor and Penang (Free Same-Day Delivery)


100% Linen 4-Layer Reversible Mask Set | Coqoon

Shop 100% Linen 4-Layer Reversible Mask Set

This comes as no surprise but face coverings become more crucial every day and probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. As we make it part of our daily wear, why not get one that fits snuggly on your face and make it fashionable? This linen 4-layer fabric facemask set is lightweight and breathable, not to mention it comes with a 100% genuine leather mask extender & handy pouch to keep it in. It’s also reversible so you’d have options to coordinate your mask with what you’re wearing that day (just make sure you wash it first before you reverse it)

100% Linen 4-Layer Reversible Mask Set

Price: RM 317 RM 249

Ships To: Worldwide

Mighty Men’s Bundle | Alwis & Xavier

Shop Mighty Men's Bundle | Alwis & Xavier

Supplying the finest grooming products, here at Alwis & Xavier's website where you're able to find unique hand-crafted products all coupled with bold and tantalising scents that are bound to make this probably the best smelling gift around. Get your hands on this trio pack filled with Alwis & Xavier’s top male best selling colognes. With these scents, they’re going to be smelling great for ANY occasion!

Mighty Men’s Bundle

Price: RM 205 RM 185 (On Sale NOW)

Ships To: Nationwide (FREE shipping)

Sweat It Out | Souly

Shop Sweat It Out | Souly

Play up to his inner gym junkie with Souly’s Sweat It Out gift pack. Motivate and inspire him to reach new heights (and smellier socks) with this pack including a microfibre gym towel, a shaker bottle, and a mini yoga mat. Be it a boyfriend, a husband, a friend, or a dad, don’t worry, this gift won’t discriminate - fitness is for everyone!

Sweat It Out

Price: RM 220

Ships To: Nationwide

Classic Weekender 45L | Bellroy

Shop Classic Weekender 45L | Bellroy

Functionality paired with style - Bellroy’s Classic Weekender 45L bag is just that. Easy to pack and love, this duffel lets your boyfriend, husband, dad or guy friend feel a lot cooler traveling just about anywhere. The best part? You can bring it anywhere, from a trip overseas to maybe just the gym - there’s no place this bag will look out of place. Talk about convenience!

Classic Weekender 45L

Price: RM 949

Ships To: Worldwide

Timemore U French Press Bundle | Perk

Shop Timemore U French Press Bundle | Perk

Great coffee seems like a chore to make but Perk has done their best in making it that much easier for your special guy. A trio of coffees from the different regions of the world bundled together with a Timemore French Press, sate that caffeine addiction in your man. The Timemore U French Press is regarded as one of the best starter French Presses thanks to it’s ease of use, from cleaning to operating, and how effective it is. That means (most likely) no caffeine withdrawals from your guy!

Timemore U French Press Bundle

Price: RM208 RM 169

Ships To: Nationwide


Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

There are more gifts out there than jewellery, my fellow ladies & gents. If you have a mom, sister, girlfriend and loss for ideas of what to get them, check out the Christmas gift ideas for her below:

Seraphine Christmas Flower Box | BloomThis

Celebrating Christmas and need a little something special for a special woman in your life? Be it your mom, sister, or girlfriend, the Seraphine Christmas Flower box will definitely bring out the Christmas sparkles in her eyes. A wondrous bloom of carnations, matthiolas, rose sprays, and even pine cones - It wouldn’t be Christmas without em’!

Seraphine Christmas Flower Box

Price: RM 179 - Medium | RM 229 - Large

Ships to: KL, Selangor & Penang (Free Same-Day Delivery)


Christmas Dream | Claire

Shop Christmas Dream | Claire

Here’s a pick me up to indulge the women in your life by choosing this holiday gift ideal for a moment of self-love and well-deserved relaxation because let's be honest, it’s been a tough year. So what's inside? Featuring a pillow mist, a bottle of lavender essential oil and a dreamy eye pouch made from 100% mulberry skin-friendly silk.

Christmas Dream

Price: RM 137 RM 109

Ships To: Nationwide

Exploration Bundle | Anbo

Shop Exploration Bundle | Anbo

In our experience candles have always been a universally great gift choice especially during Christmas! It’s not Christmas szn without the scents, and with a flick of a match, you can light up her life with Anbo’s Exploration Bundle with scent profiles that’ll bring joy to her good ol’ sense of smell. In it comes 3 mini candles you can choose out of 7, 1 of the 2 Limited Edition scents, a limited edition acrylic box (with custom name personalisation) and a designer holographic bag. You literally can’t go wrong.

Exploration Bundle

Price: RM 258 RM 179 (pay 3 monthly instalments with SHOPBACK)

Ships To: Worldwide

Clear Tilted Heart Solitaire Ring | Pandora

Shop Clear Tilted Heart Solitaire Ring | Pandora

Love is a gift that can be given any time of the year - what better time to give the gift of love at Christmas? This Solitaire-inspired ring features a thin polished ring band and tilted heart-shaped stone. Send your wife or girlfriend's heart into flutters of joy when you give her a stylish Christmas present - one that she can show off proudly as she twirls it around her finger. Pss, it even stacks to create a diagonal pattern if you choose to get her more than one wink

Clear Tilted Heart Solitaire Ring

Price: RM 189

Ships To: Nationwide

Christmas Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Time to up your game for Secret Santa this year, no more random gift cards please even if this gift is just for your colleague. We've got some inspirational Christmas present gift exchange ideas to get you through.

Let It Snow Christmas Memento | BloomThis

Shop Let It Snow Christmas Memento | BloomThis

This perfect secret Santa gift was inspired by one of the most-listened-to Christmas Carols featuring Santa’s figurine surrounded by Christmas trees, a polar bear, pine coats and presents. It makes for great Christmas decor that would guarantee a smile during this festive season. That's not all, it also makes for a great last-minute procrastinator gift as we provide same-day delivery. Shhh~

Let It Snow Christmas Memento

Price: RM 189

Ships To: KL, Selangor and Penang (Free Same-Day Delivery)


Whimsical Wander Planner | PALMY x DO.DA DOODLE

Shop Whimsical Wander Planner | PALMY x DO.DA DOODLE

The name of this potential secret Santa gift is very much in line with what Christmas is all about. When you’re in a pinch for the perfect gift, you can hardly ever go wrong with stationary. Made from eco-paper, this set was made in collaboration with DO.DA, Malaysia’s very own doodle artist. This is the perfect planner for scribbling down notes, career goals, important dates or doodles. Truly a thoughtful gift that brings structure to one’s daily routine.

Whimsical Wander Planner

Price: RM 75

Ships To: Nationwide

Black Reed Diffuser | HOOGA

Shop Black Reed Diffuser | HOOGA

Honestly, who doesn’t love the smells of a fresh forest, or of the oceans? Thanks to HOOGA, we don’t actually need to get down and dirty for these heavenly scents anymore! This is the perfect gift if you’re on a budget, and truth be told, we’ve yet to meet someone who DIDN’T like scent diffusers. HOOGA’s minimalist black diffuser is elegant enough to suit any room décor. No fuss, no frills, just perfection - as Christmas should be.

Black Reed Diffuser

Price: RM 56.90

Ships To: Nationwide


His + Her Couple Gifts

In case your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife has not hinted at what they want this holiday season. Check out some of the potential Christmas Gifts for boyfriends & girlfriends below that are unique, romantic and scenti-mental.

Mirabella Christmas Gift Set | BloomThis

Shop Mirabella Christmas Gift Set | BloomThis

Honestly, is there anything more comfortable than spending Christmas at home with your loved ones, feeding each other Christmas cookies. That’s what the Mirabella Christmas Gift Set is here for! She’s packed with the most scrumptious cookies, and two Tapping Tapir drinks to boot to wash it all down. We’re sure this gift set has everything you need for that comfy Christmas the both of you are craving for!

Mirabella Christmas Gift Set

Price: RM 99

Ships to: KL & Selangor (Free Same-Day Delivery)


Christmas Cracker | Jo Malone London

Shop Christmas Cracker | Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London’s Christmas Cracker brings not one, not two, but three essential grooming products for him/her. A Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash, and lastly a Blackberry & Bay Body Crème to top it all off, making it the perfect self-care, self-love, self-everything gift. This set is the ultimate thoughtful and ‘Scent-imental’ Christmas gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Christmas Cracker

Price: RM 200

Ships To: Nationwide

Matching Couple's Socks | Talking Toes

Shop Matching Couple's Socks | Talking Toes

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had our socks mysteriously vanish after a wash. They were probably misplaced, but with Talking Toes socks you probably won’t ever misplace them ever again - y’know, from how nice they are and all! These are the perfect socks for him/her because nothing speaks personality and compassion like a good ol’ pair of (multiple) socks. Keep your love warm and his/her toes warmer this Christmas with their on-going Christmas promotions - buy 5 pairs, get 1 free, plus a complimentary gift box for every 3 pairs bought!

Matching Couple's Socks

Price: RM 47 per pair

Ships To: Malaysia & Singapore

WES X HRF The Lounge Set | We Enjoy Simplicity

Shop WEX X HRF The Lounge Set | We Enjoy Simplicity

If you or your partner are into having a minimalist lifestyle, We Enjoy Simplicity has got you covered. Each piece of clothing is designed with thoughtful consideration be it one’s silhouette, the type of fabric and texture. Don’t be fooled thinking the clothing line is meant for women, it’s very much gender neutral which caters to all genders. Lucky for you, this set is perfect for you and your loved one to lounge in. It includes a Lounge Kimono, air freshener and a pair of boxers!

WES X HRF The Lounge Set

Price: RM198 RM 168.30 (pay 3 monthly instalments with atome)

Ships To: Nationwide

Christmas Gifts for Mom, Dad and The Whole Family

At the core, Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love. After a gruelling 2 years of change and having to see our family at a distance, hopefully this year is the year we get to make up for all that quality time lost. Since we’re finally seeing them in person, we found gifts that the whole family could enjoy.

Helga Christmas Hamper | BloomThis

Shop Helga Christmas Hamper | BloomThis

If you’re heading for the annual Christmas family dinner but have nothing to show up with, don’t worry! You can't go wrong with the Helga Christmas Hamper, packed with Christmas cookies, chocolates, and a bottle of sparkling juice, all you need for a memorable and lasting moment with the fam! Oh, and did we mention free same-day delivery yet? I guess not, now you know!

Helga Christmas Hamper

Price: RM 219

Ships to: KL & Selangor (Free Same-Day Delivery)


Giovannie Christmas Tree Flower Box | BloomThis

Shop Giovannie Christmas Tree Flower Box | BloomThis

Similar to other festivals such as Chinese New Year without the presence of red packets, what is Christmas without a proper tree, that's why the Giovannie Christmas Tree Flower box would be an iconic gift and decoration for the family tis festive season. Giovannie features white carnations, pine cones and tinted gold leaves and 10 Ferrero rocker’s hidden in the tree for a sweet surprise.

Giovannie Christmas Tree Flower Box

Price: RM249

Ships To: KL, Selangor & Penang (Free Same-Day Delivery)

The Modern Women Leader | Sanren Journey

Shop The Modern Women Leader | Sanren Journey

Celebrate your Mother this Christmas with Sanren Journey’s The Modern Women Leader pack. With Classic Laundry Soda, Fabric Conditioner, Fabric Sanitiser, and Colour Absorber sheets, this pack is going to save your mother so much time and energy, and make her life way easier as her life should be! During this celebration, all we’re wishing for you and your family is peace, joy and good smelling laundry. We do recommend pairing this gift with the gift below, just to treat her a little bit more!

The Modern Women Leader

Price: RM 139

Ships To: Nationwide

Holiday Gift Set | Hyang

Shop Holiday Gift Set | Hyang

The year has been a tiring one for all of us, but most especially your mom & dad. Breathe some new air into the homes with Hyang’s Holiday Gift Set, complete with a Mini Glacier Diffusing Stone, a Mini Walnut Scenting Coaster, and a 30ml Essential Oil Blend of your choice! Choose from up to 10 blends of scents - know that there’s going to be a scent here perfect for the family this Christmas!

Holiday Gift Set

Price: RM330 RM 269 (pay 3 monthly instalments with atome)

Ships To: Free shipping to Malaysia & Singapore (Use code: SANTA)

Animal Farm Sensory Kit | Kechik

Shop Animal Farm Sensory Kit | Kechik

This special educational gift is for all the little ones around, now they get to own an animal farm that even Old Macdonald would be proud of. These kits are more than just fun, it promotes holistic development in one’s formative years by building a stronger foundation for creativity, imagination and intellectual growth overall. Lovingly curated for every child in mind, it can also be a great bonding session and create meaningful memories this festive season.

Animal Farm Sensory Kit

Price: RM 149

Ships To: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia & Australia

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Procrastinator

The clock is ticking down, the 25th is getting closer and you’re now realising that you haven’t gotten around to buying a gift. Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Red Christmas Poinsettia | BloomThis

Shop Red Christmas Poinsettia | BloomThis

Know someone who enjoys the company of plants? Brighten up their home this season with a Red Christmas Poinsettia. They make such bright, festive decorations featuring snowflake-like leaves that resembles an enormous flower. Red is the most common colour, but psss there's a pink one available too, just order before 3 pm for same-day delivery.

Red Christmas Poinsettia

Price: RM 179

Ships To: Klang Valley (Free Same-Day Delivery)

Rudolph Box | Cocova

Shop Rudolph Box | Cocova

Skip the eggnog and spread the Christmas cheer by surprising your friends/family with an ultra-cosy mug of hot chocolate and deliciously coated nuts instead. Handcrafted and sourced from farms around Asia, this Christmas Rudolph Box includes a dark chocolate spoon with mini marshmallows, dark chocolate coated almonds & hazelnuts, gingerbread man cookies, AND a ceramic Christmas-green mug for late-night guilt-free munchies and drinkies. Did I mention this ships out within 1-2 days? Just in time for Christmas!

Rudolph Box

Price: RM 110

Ships To: Nationwide

Christmas Gift ideas for the BFF

Crescent Key Silver Necklace | Wanderlust + Co.

Shop Crescent Key Silver Necklace | Wanderlust + Co.

Growing up doesn't mean giving up your childhood dreams. This festive season, Wanderlust + Co. invites every woman to celebrate and get in touch with her inner child with gorgeous, minimalistic gems decked in silver and designed with elegance in mind. This is the perfect Christmas gift for your best friend, especially if she's young at heart and simply loves all things beautiful.

Crescent Key Silver Necklace

Price: RM 243.60 RM 159.44

Ships To: Nationwide

Eternal Youth Body Elixir Gift Set | The Olive Tree

Shop Eternal Youth Body Elixir Gift Set | The Olive Tree

Here is the perfect Christmas gift for the beauty-conscious bestie or even the well-groomed gentleman. Love your body this festive season with The Olive Tree's Eternal Youth Gift Set collection. This gift set for your BFF features a body wash, body lotion, hand cream, and even bottled mist to spruce up your space. Using only the highest quality herbs and ingredients imported from Australia, this gift set will surely leave your bestie's skin feeling moisturized and smooth.

Eternal Youth Body Elixir Gift Set

Price: RM284.60 RM 169.90

Ships To: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Christmas Gift ideas for the Beauty Enthusiast

The Great Brow Basics Kit | Benefit Cosmetics

Shop The Great Brow Basics Kit | Benefit Cosmetics

It's never too late to hop on the Benefit Cosmetics hype train - for a good reason. This set’s all-in-one preparation is prepared to get your/her brows in the game! Included is the Gimme Brow+ brow-volumising fiber gel, the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, and the ultra-fine Precise, My Brow Pencil. Give this to an aspiring beauty guru or even someone who is just a makeup lover and see their face light up in pure delight. After all, you'll be like a fairy godmother - with the gift of slayin' brows.

The Great Brow Basics Kit

Price: RM 200

Ships To: Malaysia (Free Delivery)

Glow Beyond My Face Gift Set | The Olive Tree

Shop Glow Beyond My Face Gift Set | The Olive Tree

If you're not sure what type of makeup product to give your beautylicious loved one, send them some skincare products instead. You'll be sure to stand out among the many Christmas gift-givers. This Olive Tree gift set includes the finest for pristine skin - featuring Damask Rose Facial Toner, Damask Rose Travel Cleanser, Damask Rose Facial Care Discovery Kit, and a Secret Garden Forest Green Gift Box to keep it all in. Here's the perfect Christmas present for your beauty-enthusiast loved one to rejuvenate their skin.

Glow Beyond My Face Gift Set

Price: RM301.30 RM 149.90

Ships To: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Gift ideas for the Christmas Season


Gabrielle Christmas Tree Flower Box | BloomThis

Shop Gabrielle Christmas Tree Flower Box | BloomThis

Joy to the world! Send a Christmas gift of festive spirit this holiday season with our special edition mini Christmas tree. Gabrielle is curated with pine leaves, pine cones, cotton flowers and red carnations. It's the ideal Christmas gift for someone who wants to adorn their home with contemporary Christmas décor to celebrate the festive season. Send this to your loved one and you'll be sure to see them smile with genuine happiness.

Gabrielle Christmas Tree Flower Box

Price: RM 209

Ships To: KL, Selangor, Penang & Johor

Christmas Wreath DIY Kit | BloomThis

Shop Christmas Wreath Diy Kit | BloomThis

Throwing a Secret Santa party with friends and gotta turn the décor into something even Santa would be proud of? Deck the halls with our Christmas Wreath DIY Kit! It comes with an empty wreath, flowers, foliage, ornaments AND a setup guide (so you know, you never lose direction unlike with a certain brand with obscure DIY instructions). This set will make you, your friends, and your loved ones feel proud (we would be too!).

Christmas Wreath Diy Kit

Price: RM 159

Ships To: KL, Selangor, Penang & Johor (Same-day Delivery)

Christmas Collection 2022 | SeptemberBakes

Shop Christmas Collection 2022 | SeptemberBakes

Here's one of the better Christmas gift ideas that can be shared with everyone - this is a delightful box of healthy festive-themed snacks that's perfect for a Christmas party. In the Xmas gift set, you'll find an assortment of Brookies (Brownies+Cookies!), gingerbread men, and fruit cakes! Send this gift to the host of a Christmas party so everyone can share the joy of the holiday season!

Christmas Collection 2022

Price: RM 99

Ships To: Malaysia

If you're still looking for the perfect gift? Check out our very own Christmas collection for more Christmas gift sets, Christmas home decorations, and Christmas flower arrangements - there's a little something for everyone. Lastly, have yourself a merry little Christmas and let your heart be light.


Hello, @Super Gift

Merry Christmas and glad you enjoyed the article! Thanks for sharing, we’ll be sure to check it out 🤗

Francisco Johannes Yung (BloomThis)

Hey, @Desmond

Oh no! We’re sooo sorry for the super late reply 😢 looks like our little comment elf forgot to inform us of your question. Unfortunately, we don’t have Galadriel anymore.

Good news is, we’ve JUST released all-new, all-better mini Christmas trees (this time with hidden chocolates that you can pluck off 😉). Namely, Giovannie and Gabrielle. Check them out in this year’s Christmas collection here:

Francisco Johannes Yung (BloomThis)

Hi can i check with you if Galadriel having 12% offer as well?


Hello, very nice article and a great list of gifts. Our website sells many gifts as well which can be great for Christmas, have a look and see :)

Super Gift

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