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Article: Happy Deepavali! Flowers as Bright as The Festival of Light (2023)

Happy Deepavali! Flowers as Bright as The Festival of Light (2023)

Happy Deepavali! Flowers as Bright as The Festival of Light (2023)

Introduction: Lights, Legends, and Lots of Love

Deepavali, commonly known as Diwali, is a radiant fiesta celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains globally. Think of it as the New Year's bash for Hindus, lighting up the globe from Malaysia to Mumbai. It’s all about light conquering darkness, symbolizing good winning over evil. The classic tale?

Lord Rama and his wife, Sita, returning to their kingdom after defeating the wicked demon King, Ravana. Villagers back then threw the best welcome-home party – by illuminating the way with oil lamps! However, some link the festivity with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. But deep down, Diwali is about igniting our inner spark and embracing joy and peace.

Calendar Check: When is Deepavali?

Based on the ever-mystical Hindu lunar calendar, Deepavali generally grooves in between mid-October and mid-November. Circle the date folks; this year, it’s on November 12th, a Sunday! 💃

Festival Fun 101: What's on the Diwali To-Do List?

Foodie Fiesta

Diwali brings with it a spread of colourful, scrumptious sweets. And hey, if you’re ever in Malaysia or Singapore, don’t miss out on the crunchy Murukku snack!

During this day, it is a tradition to give food and goods to help those in need as well as sharing of sweets and gifts among families and friends. During Deepavali, Indian sweets with a variety of colours and flavours are served. In addition, various rich savoury dishes are also served or eaten out. In Malaysia and Singapore, a must have snack during Deepavali would be the Murukku.

Murukku is a savoury, crunchy snack originated from India. It is made from rice flour and urad dal flour along with spices which makes it savoury. Families will mostly prepare food at home for guests while they exchange gifts and watch fireworks. Deepavali is usually celebrated with large firework displays as a remembrance of the day Rama returned where locals set off their own version of fireworks. Deepavali is also marked by lighting traditional earthen diyas (candles) and decorations of colourful rangoli artworks at home. These artworks are patterns created on the floor using coloured rice or powder.

Traditionally, homes are cleaned in time of the festival and new clothes are to be worn. Meanwhile, prayers and ceremonials are usually held in the Hindu temples. These prayers also known as puja or aarthi are offered to thank god and wishes for continued blessings for the years ahead. Goddess Lakshmi, who is worshipped as the goddess of wealth and prosperity is believed to visit her devotees and bestows gifts and blessings upon each of them.

It is stated that she loves going to houses that are well cleaned and are beautifully decorated. Thus, explaining why devotees would clean their houses several days in advance for Deepavali and prepare colourful rangolis. 

Firework Frenzy


Celebrate with booming fireworks, reminiscing the time when Rama made his grand return.

Dazzling Decor

Houses don glittery diyas (candles) and vivacious rangoli designs. It's a total glow-up!

Fashion Forward

Dress to impress in vibrant traditional garbs like saris or punjabi suits. But avoid black and white - they’re considered no-nos for the day.

Light Up The Season with These Deepavali Hampers & Gifts

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If you've got a thing for Kachori (who doesn't?) and cumin shortbread that sings a snack-time tune, this one's for ya. Perfectly packed to capture the good vibes of Deepavali, it’s like a mini fiesta in a box. Unwrap the fun!

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Throwback to caramel popcorn memories and chocolate wafer whispers. This hamper's got that old-school charm with a fresh twist. Dive in and get a taste of Deepavali's good old days, but like, with a 2023 upgrade. 😉

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For those with a taste for the finer things! Smooth red wine (cue the fancy vibes) meets Ferrero treats ready to dance their way to your heart. It's all the Deepavali elegance with a side of luxe.

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Bouquet Bonanza: Gifting the Perfect Flowers for Deepavali 🌼

Gerbera Daisies

Coming in as the 5th most popular flower in the world, Gerbera daisies are flowers with large flowering heads that closely resembles sunflowers. However, they come in a variety of bright colours. Some gorgeous colours these flowers are able to bloom in are bright pink, snow white, sunny yellow, and even ruby red.

Initially discovered during the 1884s, these flowers are now enhanced in quality and colour variations particularly after breeding programs were held in England 1890. Their flower sizes range from 2 inches to 5 inches across.

Gerbera daisies are a favourite choice of gift for multitude occasions from birthdays, well wishes, congratulations, gratitude, and many more. The flowers are said to symbolise beauty, purity, and innocence. In addition, the daisies also carry the meaning of cheerfulness attributed by their bright variety of colours. Different colours of the flowers also convey different deep and meaningful messages.

Here’s a brief overview of the meaning of colours for different occasions:

  • Red Gerberas represents passion or deeply in love. Given to someone, these flowers can convey the meaning of being immensely in love with the person.
  • Orange Gerberas represents sunshine of life. Moreover, they are a colour that represents enthusiasm, energy, and warmth. Orange daisies are great as a gift if you are looking to lift someone’s mood.
  • Yellow Gerberas means cheerfulness and happiness. They are perfect as a gift for friendship and to wish joy to the receiver.
  • White Gerberas symbolises purity, innocence, and spirituality. Often, they are used for wedding bouquets or for baptism.
  • Pink Gerberas can convey different meanings depending on the shade of the colour. For instance, lighter pink displays gentleness and sympathy. Meanwhile, darker shades of pink are often used as a symbol of gratitude. They can also be a symbol of adoration and admiration towards a person.
  • Purple Gerberas depicts elegance, pride, and feminine beauty.

Generally, Gerbera daisies are great in Deepavali gift bouquets as its bright colours represents sunshine. The vibrant flowers represents gratitude and happiness for the life that has been given. In other words, they symbolise the light that shines through a house and is expected to give joy and happiness. No matter what age and gender the receiver is, the flowers are believed to bring positive and good energy. Here are some bouquets selections that might just be perfect for the occasion!

Gerbera Daisies Deepavali Flowers


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Orchids symbolise beauty, love, strength and virility. Most times, they are used in garlands, balcony or stair railing decorations, filling the home with invigorating beauty and elegance.

Orchids are also known for their amazing scents. They are famously used in perfumes and aromatherapy. There are over 20,000 types of orchids in the world with the Moth orchid being the most famous. Apart from its exotic looks, orchids comes in different colours with their own unique meaning.

As with many other flowers, different colours of orchids also have different meanings:

  • White orchids symbolise innocence and purity, as well as elegance and reverence. Meanwhile, pink orchids symbolise femininity, grace, and joy. They are famously bought as a gift to celebrate 14th and 28th anniversaries.
  • Yellow orchids symbolise friendship and new beginnings. They make great gifts for celebration in friendships.
  • Purple orchids symbolise royalty and admiration, and are traditionally given as a sign of respect. Orange orchids symbolise pride, enthusiasm, and boldness.
  • Blue orchids are rare and because of that, are often used to symbolise rarity. Often, they are used for meditation as they represent spirituality.
  • Lavender orchids symbolise grace, femininity, and elegance. They are perfect as a gift for mothers.

In general, the pink orchid and yellow orchids are great for Deepavali. As this festive season is all about spreading joy and new beginnings, here are Orchid picks that would be perfect for you.


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Shop Jodie Phalaenopsis Orchid (3 stalks) | BloomThis

Phalaenopsis Orchids by BloomThis. These bright white orchids are perfect for the Deepavali season. Its bright colours represents joy and would make a breathtaking decoration.

The perfect blooms for Deepavali are not strictly limited to the ones mentioned above. In fact, flowers such as roses, marigolds, jasmine, hibiscus, and even lotus are great for this festive season, in view of the fact that these flowers are all associated with the deities.

For instance, the Goddess Lakshmi statues typically depict her as sitting on a lotus flower. This is because it is said to be her favourite flower.

During this festive season, it is not rare to see these flowers placed as decorations in temples or homes. Marigolds are also often used because it is Lord Ganesha’s favourite. Meanwhile, flowers such as Jasmine has a scent that the Hindus believe can help to ward off evil. All in all, even roses are not rare to be seen in rangoli decorations.

Other Blooming Deepavali Flowers

Roses, marigolds, jasmine, hibiscus, and lotus are all Diwali darlings, linked with various deities. For instance, Goddess Lakshmi adores lotus flowers. So, spotting these blooms during Diwali is a treat for the eyes and soul.


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A Spectrum of Celebrations


Deepavali isn’t just a one-day event. The festival spans several days, each having its significance:

  • Day 1: Known as Naraka Chaturdasi, it celebrates the defeat of the demon Naraka by Lord Krishna.
  • Day 2: The main Deepavali night, and the darkest night of the month.
  • Day 3: This is the start of the New Year in many northern Indian states.
  • Day 4: Known as Govardhan Puja, it commemorates Lord Krishna’s defeat of Indra, the god of rain and heavens.
  • Day 5: Bhai Dooj, a day dedicated to the bond between brothers and sisters.

The Modern Touch

Modern Deepavali celebrations incorporate both tradition and contemporary elements:

Urban Celebrations


In cosmopolitan cities, people host Deepavali parties, complete with DJs, dance floors, and fusion foods. It's not uncommon to see people of all backgrounds participating in these.

Digital Wishes

With the age of technology, the way we wish each other has changed. Deepavali greetings are now sent via e-cards, GIFs, and even Augmented Reality messages.

Eco-friendly Deepavali

Given environmental concerns, many now opt for eco-friendly diyas, organic colours for rangoli, and refrain from bursting crackers to reduce noise and air pollution.

Deepavali Across Borders

Deepavali's essence is universal, so its celebration isn’t limited to India. The diaspora has carried the festival's spirit across oceans:

Malaysia & Singapore

Little India in these countries turns into a riot of colours and fragrances. The streets brim with stalls selling sweets, decorative items, and clothes.

USA & Canada

Many universities and Indian community organizations host cultural programs. The White House also observes an annual Deepavali lighting ceremony.

Australia & New Zealand

Deepavali fairs and carnivals are held with cultural performances, Indian food stalls, and handicrafts.

Deepavali Fashion

Traditionally, new clothes are worn to signify a fresh start. While saris and punjabi suits are classic choices, fusion fashion, blending western styles with Indian motifs, is in vogue. Accessories like jhumkas (traditional earrings), bindis, and bangles add an ethnic touch.

In Malaysia and Singapore, traditional outfits are worn during Deepavali. Some examples of traditional apparels worn are saris, punjabi suits, and colourful bangles. In Malaysia, these apparels can be easily found at Little India in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang. Other shops and booths in malls would also be selling these outfits.

Colourful and bright outfits are expected to be worn on this day as a symbolization of the win against evil. On a side note, it is not encouraged to wear black or white colour during this day as these colours are associated with funerals in the Hindu culture. These colours are believed to be not auspicious for the festival. In general, the festival of light is all about brightness and colours.

Over to You!

We're eager beavers and want to hear from you! What’s your Diwali ritual? Any favorite flower arrangement tips to make the festival brighter? Share your sparkle in the comments! ✨🎉

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