The Most Important Dates in Malaysia 2018


Ever get in trouble for forgetting an important day? I have. I still shudder remembering a slightly uncomfortable situation with my mum on Mother’s Day. Not only was I stuck at work (-3 points), I also forgot to deliver a gift (-6 points) and did not call (hell on earth). After that, I was a fan of lists and reminders.


Here’s a list of the most important dates this year for Malaysians (when gifts are required):


Holidays & Festivals 2018

  • Valentine’s Day: 14 February 2018 
  • Chinese New Year: 16 February 2018 
  • Mother’s Day: 13 May 2018 
  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri: 15 June 2018 
  • Father’s Day: 17 June 2018 
  • Deepavali: 6 November 2018 
  • Christmas: 25 December 2018 


And some personal dates for your good self to fill in (gifts are a must):


Birthdays & Anniversaries 2018

  • Wedding/Couple Anniversary: 
  • Mother’s Birthday: 
  • Father’s Birthday: 
  • Spouse’s/Partner's Birthday: 
  • Child’s Birthday:


Set reminders (I suggest double notifications if you have a crummy memory) on your fav calendar app or if you’re a die-hard pen and paper user, print out the gifting calendar and stick it to your wall for daily reminders.


Download the Gifting Calendar Malaysia 2018


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