Father's Day Gift Guide in Malaysia [2021]

Oh, Father’s Day. It’s no secret that Mother's Day takes the spotlight every year, but it’s only fair we spread the love equally. After all, he’s the man who spent most of his life nurturing you and providing for the fam.

With father’s day just a week away, finding a gift for dad could be a daunting task. He might just tell you to save your money or that he has everything he needs but we know, deep down, they want a Father's Day gift. Compliment your gift with an online tribute on Instagram and a great dinner!

No idea what to get? Fret not, here’s a list to sneak in some really great last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas for the first man who ever loved you.

BloomThis Inside Scoop Essential Set

When was the last time your dad got a balloon with his name on it?

Indulge your father with the Indulge Celebration pack. It comes in a set of Inside Scoop ice cream (choose your dad’s fav flavours!), a customizable balloon with the option of name personalized with the words' Best Dad’ or ‘Super Dad’ with their name, an adorable mini bouquet and a designer message card handcrafted using dried flowers.

The set includes a Jovial Balloon Chocolate Box, a Blair Mini Bouquet, 2x Inside Scoop Ice Cream and the designer card, perfect for Father’s Day celebration. Share the love here (and some scoops of ice cream while you’re at it) @ RM300

Buy: BloomThis Inside Scoop Essential Set
Price: From RM 279
Delivery: Kuala Lumpur & Selangor
Delivery Time: Same/Next Day delivery

Sweet Stuff Chocolate Cream Puffs

Time for Father’s Day tea!

Surprise your dad with crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside Sweet Stuff chocolate cream puffs. These cream puffs are baked to perfection, giving your dad the best of both worlds with its flakey puff and airy cream chocolate custard filling on this very special day.

Did I mention this comes with a free 3R photo? Just upload it onto the website and make sure to have a frame on stand-by so your dad can place it around the house this Father’s Day.

Buy: Sweet Stuff Chocolate Cream Puffs
Price: From RM 69
Delivery: Kuala Lumpur & Selangor
Delivery Time: Same/Next Day delivery

Apom “Onz Dad” Card

What's the best way to wish 'Happy Father's Day'?

Sending a quick text or Father’s Day gif might seem like the easy option but remember the times we used to make a card with a stick-figure drawing of dad? It warmed your dad’s heart for every single Father’s day until you had enough pocket money to buy a gift instead.

A physical card with your handwritten note is a great way to personalize your Father’s Day. Get your Father’s Day card from Apom and remind your dad how “Onz” he is.

Buy: Apom “Onz Dad” Card
Price: From RM 10

Fatherhood in Pieces by Michael Chabon

Pops illuminates the meaning, magic, and mysteries of fatherhood, a lighthearted read by Michael Chabon. It dives into the mysteries of fatherhood through a series of 7 personal essays, one being a celebrated 2016 GQ piece about him accompanying his then 13-year-old son to Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Before you decide, it should be noted that this is not a parenting manual giving parenting advice. It is a heartfelt and thoughtful interpretation of what parenthood asks of a man and its sweet moments of bonding between father and son.

Here’s to a great read.

Buy: Fatherhood in Pieces by Michael Chabon
Price: From RM 20.95

Oxwhite Cotton T-shirt

Has your dad been re-wearing his shirts for the past few decades because he refuses to spend hard-earned money on something as trivial as clothing? To the point where there could be multiple holes but he’s okay with it because it comforts him? Now’s your chance to gift your dad an affordable but high-quality option classic white collared shirt.

The premium Supima cotton shirt with anti-wrinkle characteristics comes with cuts designed especially for Asian physiques. A practical yet stylish gift for dad because he’s worth it.

Get it here.

Buy: Oxwhite Cotton T-shirt
Price: From RM 29.00

Koza Novelty Socks

A brilliant father’s day gift for your cheesy dad!

Novelty socks have never looked so good thanks to Koza’s creative and eye-catching prints. If you’re feeling more than generous, get your dad the best Father’s Day gift around: a sock subscription. Pick a 3 /6/or 12 month subscription to their sock of the month club because let’s be real: his sock drawer could use an upgrade.

Imagine your dad’s surprised reaction when he receives a pair of socks every month, pure joy!

Join sock of the month club for dad here.

Buy: Koza Novelty Socks
Price: From RM 75.00/3 month subscription

Personalized 11oz Twin Wall Suction Sports Tumbler

A reusable water bottle might not sound as exciting, but it’s something that your dad could always use.

This gift for dad comes with double-wall insulation so he can enjoy both hot and cold drinks with comfortable gripping. One feature to highlight is the 180° flip over lid & rubber locking feature at the bottom, with its strong suction pad, it reduces the chances of your dad knocking it over. Spillage no more! The best part? Get this gift for dad engraved with his name or personal message, making it extra memorable and reminding your loving dad to always keep hydrated wherever he goes.

The everyday men online store offers a variety of gifts catering to the occasion so do check out their website. Get your dad hydrated!

Buy: Personalized 11oz Twin Wall Suction Sports Tumbler
Price: From RM 88.90

Guardian Lumbar Support Latex Cushion

Designed to provide support for the lower back (lumbar area) whilst alleviating lower back pain for all those night’s dad was at the office.

The best thing is, it’s portable and easy to carry around, car seats, sofas, chairs and on the ground. Ideal for those who sit for a long time as the cushion perfectly fits the natural contour of the spine to reduce pressure on the lower back (lumbar area) and to alleviate lower back pain. Relieve your dad’s back pain here.

Buy: Guardian Lumbar Support Latex Cushion
Price: From RM 199.00

Synca Kitta Percussion Gun

You may have seen these massage guns blow up on social media, at the gym or even used by a professional chiropractor.

Massage guns are a great tool to help your dad with aches and pains, great for those sport junkie dads out there and there’s no better time than to treat your dad to a DIY massage especially since we can’t head out to massage parlours for now. The Synca Kitta percussion gun features a powerful motor and 6 different attachable heads for targeted muscle relief, promoting blood circulation and improving your overall range of motion.

Shh, you’re just in time. It's on sale now.

Buy: Synca Kitta Percussion Gun
Price: From RM 399.00

Power Bagel (or Donut)

After cream puffs, comes the Power Donut (or bagel). This is for tech dads out there, a universal power adapter shaped like food.

It’s perfectly pocket-sized and thanks to its round elegant design, there are never any conflicts with plugging in multiple devices at once. You can plug in two devices via the dual USB ports and five international AC sockets (UK, EU, AU, and two US), great to travel around with, especially when dad and the family get to travel again.

DONUT miss this opportunity to get it for dad here today (definitely pun intended).

Buy: Power Bagel (or Donut)
Price: From RM 198.00

Batik Boxer Short + Shave Gift Set

Let’s support lokal!

Batik Boutique is an award-winning social enterprise founded with a purposeful plan and mission to eradicate poverty. They empower marginalised communities by providing work, income and childcare to their seamstresses to produce beautiful unique pieces of batik fashion, home goods and accessories. Check out their batik boxer short and shave gift set we know he’ll love, this gift for dad won’t only bring smiles to dad, but for the low-income communities that will appreciate each purchase made that could potentially change their lives. Each set features a hand-printed 100% cotton batik boxer and a metal shave brush + shave cream made all the way from Italy.

Shop for a cause here.

Buy: Batik Boxer Short + Shave Gift Set
Price: From RM 248.00

BVLGARI Man Glacial Essence EDP (100 ml)

Voted as one of the top male colognes by GQ, the latest addition to the Bulgari Man franchise.

This icy fresh scent is a great addition to your dad’s cologne collection, it has sparkling top notes of spicy juniper berry essence, ginger extract and geranium essence herbaceous and a hint of Australian sandalwood essence, orris concrete and artemisia essence. Every spray is like a pure breath of fresh air, with an intense tone of masculine base, great for daily use.

Get it here for dad.

Buy: BVLGARI Man Glacial Essence EDP (100 ml)
Price: From RM 470.00

Fossil Defender Briefcase


Moving on to the extravagant gift for dad.

This gorgeous Fossil Defender eco-leather briefcase, comes with classic enough room for a 13" screen laptop in the rear zippered compartment. This makes it an especially good choice for dads who take frequent business trips, he would appreciate the long handles flexible enough for the briefcase to easily rest over a carry-on roller bag and an adjustable/detachable crossbody strap in case he doesn’t want to be holding it.

Get your dad some father’s day swag.

Buy: Fossil Defender Briefcase
Price: From RM 574.70

Regardless of what you get him (or don’t get him), your dad probably just wants your love and time. So without a doubt, spend time with dad or give him a call if you aren’t in close distance or if it's difficult to see dad in person this Father’s Day.

If your dad is the kind of person who prefers experiences over material things, a virtual gift might be just the thing for him this Father’s Day, so hop on a video call, initiate family fun time and let's make memories.

To all dads and dad figures out there, Happy Father's Day from Bloomthis to you.
Thank you for all that you do.

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