"Dear Darling Mom, I Love You” - The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This year, Mother’s Day comes at an extraordinary time as the world grapples with a pandemic and most of us are staying home to play our part as responsible global citizens. But this doesn’t mean that we should stop showing love to our beloved mothers on May 10. Expressing gratitude and appreciation are needed more than ever now. Perhaps all we need is just a little nudge of creativity and thoughtfulness in our gifts this time.

So, we’ve put together a list of the best Mother’s Day gifts to say “I Love You” to your wonderful moms. A little care, gift and love go a long way to bring cheer on this special day to our mothers despite the glooms we’ve all been feeling lately!


“Dear Mommy, our memories together are special”

Flower Frames by BloomThis

We recently launched a new range of products and are excited to share with you our Flower Frames. This is an everlasting gift that is beautifully designed and makes an unforgettable piece. You can find them on our Mother’s Day Collection and pre-order by 26 April to get 10% off, FREE Dermalogica cleanser & FaceFit service and 50% off ProSkin 60 Signature Hydration Treatment while stocks last.

Price range: RM140 onwards (including delivery)

A Photobook by Photobook

This gift makes the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” alive. Compile some of the most wonderful memories spent with your mom into a book and surprise her as a gift, or check out these personalised gifts with meaningful photographs to cherish forever. Photobook is running a Mother’s Day promotion with the code MDAYGIFTS to get 15% off, so do grab yours soon.

Price range: RM59 onwards


“Dear Mommy, have a blooming and brighter day”

Gorgeous Flowers by BloomThis

Saying it with flowers is what we do best and we have an array of gorgeous flower bouquets from our Mother’s Day Collection. Flowers are always a good idea to brighten up a mother’s day and any home. You can also pre-order by 26 April to get 10% off, FREE Dermalogica cleanser & FaceFit service and 50% off ProSkin 60 Signature Hydration Treatment while stocks last.

Price range: RM125 and above (including delivery)

Eco-friendly Sanitisers by Greenyards

Greenyard is a homegrown social enterprise that reprocess used cooking oils into eco-sanitisers, soaps and candles. They are chemical-free, clean effectively and handmade with love. These are timely and practical gifts for a time where good hygiene practices are essential to everyday life.

Price range: From RM25 onwards


“Dear Mommy, take a break and enjoy my treat”

Meals by PichaEats

Throw a virtual party or physical party (remember to practice social distancing) for your mother while supporting a good cause. PichaEats is a homegrown social enterprise that has a delicious and lovingly prepared menu by refugee mothers from the Middle East. From one mother to another, it can’t get more meaningful than this. Make this Mother’s Day is a wonderful time of exchanging cultures through food while celebrating the common themes of a mother’s sacrificial love.

Price range: From RM18 onwards (ala carte and sets are available)

Ice Creams by Inside Scoop

Ice creams are an instant mood booster that melt in your mouth. Inside Scoop is another homegrown brand that specialises in handcrafted ice cream made using the freshest ingredients and no added artificial flavouring or preservatives. This is perfect for mothers who might be health conscious but deserve a treat anyway! Inside Scoop has unique local flavours such as durian, cempedak, cendol to classics such as vanilla and chocolate.

Price range: From RM60 onwards (also available on GrabFood)


“Dear Mommy, you deserved to be pampered”

Beauty Products from Sephora

A woman, regardless of age, deserves a little pampering every once in a while! Sephora is like a playground for almost every beauty product and it’s online store is no exception - ranging from makeup to skincare to beauty tools. What a treat to snag some wonderful items to pamper your mom and make her feel like a queen!

Price range: From RM80 onwards

Modest Fashion and Lifestyle Products by dUCk

dUck is a successful homegrown brand helmed by a mother of three and offers beautiful collections in modest fashion. More than that, they also offer a wide range of lifestyle products from accessories to stationeries to beauty that are suitable for women of all ages. Each product has its own unique story that makes them so special as gifts.

Price range: From RM25 onwards


Above all gifts, remember to shoutout (or whisper) to your mother today, “Dear Darling Mommy, I Love You”. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be near and far!

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