7 Valentine's Day gift ideas in Malaysia (2018)



It’s almost Valentine’s Day again — that time of year when you let your loved one (or maybe yourself) know just how much they mean to you. Especially in gifting your loved ones, we all know how it feels, it can be stressful. So whether you’re in a relationship or happily single, we’ve curated 7 Valentine’s Day gift ideas in Malaysia for 2018!

These ideas are suited for every stage of your love. Whether you're married, looking to pop the big question, or still getting to know her, there's bound to be something she'll love in the list.

And of course, don't forget to tell your Valentine’s you love them! Because that's really the best gift of all.


Love Harper



The classic gift of all, flowers. Love Harper reflects an innocent love and is suitable for those who are still getting to know that certain someone. This delicate flower symbolizes an everlasting love, pureness and innocence. This cluster of white flowers is sure to swoop your loved one off their feet!

Buy: BloomThis Love Harper
Price: From RM159.00
Delivery: KL and Penang
Delivery Time: same day – next day


The Straits Finery
Silver Rain Ring


Photo Credit: The Straits Finery


For your partner who’s minimalistic, this ring is best suited for them! The ring itself is part of a collection that is inspired by the sights, sounds and scents around the designers. It’s available in both sterling silver and 14k solid gold.

Buy: The Straits Finery Silver Rain Ring
Price: RM170.00 (sterling silver), RM360.00 (solid gold)
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (MY)


Biscuit Blue A5 Notebook


Photo Credit: Mossery


For the stationery junkie, a personalized notebook is an awesome gift. For those who’ve been journaling or thinking of wanting to start, this is the notebook is just for them. It comes with a choice of 4 types of text paper: ruled notes, plain notes, grid notes, or dot grid notes.

Buy: Mossery Biscuit Blue A5 Notebook
Price: RM82.58
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks (includes days to customize)


Lilin + Co


Photo Credit: Lilin + Co


The gift for them to relax. Say “I Love You” in French with Lilin + Co’s Tuberose candle. When your partner lights the candle, the aroma will remind them of you as it contains a romantic scent of classic Tuberose, accompanied by notes of relaxing jasmine, ylang ylang, violet and vanilla.

Buy: Lilin + Co Tuberose Candle
Price: RM65.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (MY)


The Apothecary
Cleopatra Solid Cologne


Photo Credit: The Apothecary


Notice their perfume running out? The Apothecary’s Cleopatra Solid Cologne may be your answer to gift them. It contains a premium blend of freesia, lily-of-the-valley and golden sandalwood, topped with light citrusy mandarin with the well-balanced freshness of gardenia. This would suit anyone, and with the citrusy mandarin traditionally symbolising love, commitment and fertility, it also comes with a hidden Valentine message.

Buy: The Apothecary Cleopatra Solid Cologne
Price: RM75.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 1-3 days (MY)


Altheo Apothecary


Photo Credit: Altheo Apothecary


Altheo Apothecary provides a blend that helps your partner focus on their work when they need to. The blend consists of jojoba, lemon, vetiver, lavender, rosemary, peppermint and frankincense. This roll-on helps clarify thinking while also awakening one’s senses!

Buy: Altheo Apothecary Focus
Price: RM60.00
Delivery: Malaysia
Delivery Time: 1-3 days (MY)


Madroc Hood
Singularity – Minimalist Leather Watch 


Photo Credit: Madroc Hood


Madroc Hood provides unisex watches that are minimalistic and simple in design. Their Minimalistic Leather Watch consists of a silver casing and white dial that is coupled with dark blue glossy hands. You can choose from three different strap colors for your loved one. Not to mention, there is a 12 month warranty with any watch you purchase from the store!

Buy: Madroc Hood Minimalistic Leather Watch
Price: RM299.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 1-3 days (MY) 

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