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Article: 7 awesome Father's Day gift ideas Malaysia 2018

7 awesome Father's Day gift ideas Malaysia 2018

7 awesome Father's Day gift ideas Malaysia 2018


Father’s Day is just around the corner. Our superdads are probably so busy working, they may have forgotten all about it.
Dads are the ones who will swing their kids in the air without fear, and catch them nimbly before they fall. Dads will calm our moms down when they’re angry with us kids but we don’t dare make our dads mad, not ever LOL. Dads love their kids a lot, and most of the time, they aren’t afraid to show it. Let’s think about some gift ideas for dad, who has always been one of our greatest gifts (besides you, mom).
Here’s a list of 7 gift ideas you can get for the only man who won’t break your heart - your dearest superdad. Cheers to Father’s Day!
1) For the loving dad - flowers
If your dad is always sending flowers to your mom, why don’t you send your dad some flowers for a change? If your dad never had flowers sent to them before, this Father’s Day will mean so much to him when you do. It’s something out of the ordinary, and we have a few suggestions for the perfect flowers for the loving dad.

There IS a bouquet for every man, and Sapphire is a gem that fits perfectly with its pastel blue hues. Blue hydrangeas, delicate baby’s breath, white eustomas, and blue eryngium are tastefully arranged in this hatbox of dreams. Dad will surely appreciate it.

Another blue hued curation, Kayla blends in perfectly with the “flowers for dad” concept. Blue hydrangeas and white roses are arranged aesthetically and exude a minimalist charm. It’s perfect for the best man in your life.

One of our more unique designer blooms, Haley is a fun curation of green hydrangeas, white cymbidium, silver brunia, red berries and ruscus leaves. Let your dad stand out in the crowd and claim the Father’s Day spotlight when you give him a gift of love - Haley.

PS: BloomThis has a Father’s Day treat for you and your dad! Use the code BLOOMDAD2018 to get 15% off on-demand blooms from now ‘til the 18th of June. T&Cs apply.

2) For the healthy dad - healthy snacks
If your dad is the typical dad, he would probably send you WhatsApp messages reminding you to drink lots of water, and the occasional chain messages like “how to avoid cancer,” “tips to a healthy lifestyle” etc. Our dads obviously care about their kids’ health more than their own.
This variety box of granolas from Amazin' Graze would surely be a healthy favourite of your dad, especially if he’s the kind of dad who enjoys a snack every now and then. Among the 8 packets of different granola flavours are banana bread, blueberry goji coconut, and salted gula melaka.
Don’t worry. They don’t taste as healthy as they sound… but they ARE healthy.
3) For the handsome dad - cleanser for men


Everyone likes to look good - even dads. Some men rarely have good skincare habits though, and if your dad is one of them, you can guide him to invest in his skin by gifting this moisturizing facial cleanser formulated especially for men (with manly-looking packaging!).
It’s never too late to begin a new skincare routine. Your dad will thank you in 10 years when he finds out he still looks exactly same as he did now. The pitera essence and moisturizers formulated in this simple SK-II cleanser will surely be an important part of his skincare routine.
4) For the geeky dad - novelty mug
Whenever the Star Wars theme plays, my dad hums along to it and lists out every major plot and characters in the series. His fav is probably Anakin Skywalker… who also happens to be Darth Vader OMG I was so shooketh to the core when I first found out. Major plot twist vibes.
I may not share his geekdom at all, but I can appreciate his geekiness by sending him a gift that his inner geek can truly appreciate on Father’s Day. If your dad is kinda geeky like mine is, he’s gonna freak out at this Star Wars Darth Vader mug. Imagine him sipping from this mug and saying he’s your father. He’ll probably display it the mug too. Proudest dad ever!
5) For the fun dad - Malaysian card game
The Lepak Game is a Malaysian card game that is a lot less crude than the infamous Cards Against Humanity but so much more relatable - there are inside jokes and historical moments weaved into one card game. You don’t just get to decide who wins a round though, you’ll have to fight for it by justifying why your answer is the best answer, even if you don’t actually think so.
It comes with an instruction sheet so you’re all set! Challenge dad to a game of wits and spend quality fun time with your dad on Father’s Day.
6) For the stylish dad - a cool watch
No man feels complete without a watch. I’ve never seen my dad leave home without his. I’m sure this Aqua Adam watch from MEM is a watch every man would like to have in their collection of timepieces. This statement timepiece has a strap made of stainless steel and blue bezel, and a cool ocean blue dial.
Plus, you can get this watch engraved with your dad’s name initials or on it. This is perfect to add a flair of modern sophistication in your dad’s every day style.
7) For the breadwinner dad - a leather wallet
I remember when I was younger, my dad had two jobs - a day job as a policeman and a night job as a musician. He really worked very hard for us, so I rarely saw him except when he came home late at night or if he sent me to school early in the morning.
I bet your dad works hard too, especially if he’s the breadwinner of your family. Convoy’s wallet made of the finest Italian leather would be the perfect gift for your breadwinner dad - he very likely needs a new one, even if he hasn’t said anything. Surprise your superdad today!
If you liked this list, check out our latest article on gift ideas for dad.

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