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Article: 5 most iconic on-screen moms 2018

5 most iconic on-screen moms 2018

5 most iconic on-screen moms 2018




On-screen moms rarely get the spotlight, but they certainly play a pivotal role in shaping the protagonists, kind of like how our moms shape us to be who we are today. Sometimes, they fight the antagonists too- kind of like how our moms stand up for us. Moms on TV and film remind us so much of our own. From the likes of TV and film, here’s a list of 5 iconic on-screen moms we can’t help but love.


1) Jessica Huang (Fresh Off The Boat)




Can’t make a list of awesome on-screen moms without Jessica Huang from Fresh Off the Boat. Portrayed by Constance Wu, Jessica is the mom of the Huang family (in case you missed it… in that case, welcome to the fandom!). She practically steals the spotlight all the time LOL. Jessica trying to fit in with American society while staying true to her Chinese roots reminds us of how our moms are constantly adapting to changes in the modern world.

Jessica is the epitome of every Chinese mom- she probably reminds you of yours. From the way she tries to save and make money to the way she raises her three sons, and gears herself up for confrontation, Jessica has no idea what it’s like to be a submissive woman- and it’s a real breath of fresh air. Plus, I think we all love her because she’s probably the first Chinese mom that we’ve seen on American TV.


2) Dr. Beverly Hofstader (The Big Bang Theory)




Dr. Beverly Hofstader is Leonard’s mom in the The Big Bang Theory TV series. You can’t help but be amused at Dr. Beverly’s industry expertise, cold parenting methods, and her attempts at loving Leonard in her own scientific way. She’s shown to be a different type of mother- she values achievements over emotions, which is rare but relatable. Haven’t our moms disapproved of our 98% in exams, saying “Where did the other 2% go?” 😂 We don’t know, mom, but we know you love us anyway. 

When Dr. Beverly becomes friends with Sheldon, it induces memories of the moment when your mom and your best friend suddenly become best friends. Like whaaat? Suddenly, you’re the third wheel in their friendship… but it’s OK because mom’s just trying to get to know our friends, right?

There was one moment when Dr. Beverly learns that Sheldon was raised with unconditional love from his own mom- a method that Dr. Beverly soon tries with Leonard by giving him an awkward hug. She tried LOL but she’s still Dr. Beverly at heart.


3) Maleficent (2014 film)




OK so Maleficent may not be a real mom but she’s here because she really did have motherly love towards Aurora, in the movie, whom she disliked earlier. She first cast a curse on infant Aurora as an act of revenge towards her father, King Stefan, who once betrayed Maleficent. It’s justified tbh, you just don’t mess with a lady’s feelings and wings. The curse is such- on her 16th birthday, Aurora will prick her finger on a spindle and fall into deep sleep, and never awaken unless by a true love’s kiss.

Aurora’s father sent her to live with three pixies but they were so incompetent that Maleficent began to care for the child by herself, intending to complete the curse. Meanwhile, she started to feel affectionate towards the princess. Before her 16th birthday, Maleficent tried to undo the curse to no avail- and Aurora pricked her finger on a spindle when she ran back to the castle after discovering Maleficent’s true identity.

Maleficent is an iconic mom because her motherly love towards Aurora undid the curse when she kissed the princess’ forehead after Prince Phillip’s “true love’s kiss” failed. Basically, Maleficent saved Aurora from her own curse- and later, killed King Stefan, but like, I’m on Maleficent’s side- he started it. She’s a real badass mom.


4) Kris Jenner




Y’all know the saying, “the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder” is true. It’s a thing on Twitter. Kris is the mom of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family- and they wouldn’t be as famous if Kris didn’t spearhead everything. In Keeping Up with the Kardashians we see that she’s supportive of her daughters’ ventures. She is their “momager,” after all- from the creation of the reality show to the birth of Kylie’s baby Stormi, Kris was “momaging” all the way, even getting Stormi a head-start in the cosmetics industry.

Her family is about as dramatic as they’re successful- but who can’t resist being dramatic, especially if the cameras are pointed at them all the time? Kris makes sure that her rather flamboyant family toes the line- and somehow manages to be involved in all her kids’ activities. Plus, she has that statement one-liner, “You’re doing amazing sweetie.”


5) Mrs. George (mom to Regina George from Mean Girls)




“I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom!” Regina George’s mom is the epitome of all cool moms tbh. If your mom’s a cool mom, you’d know that she gives you the freedom to explore by different avenues and express yourself, but she definitely knows where to draw the line. Plus, she’s like your best friend and you can tell her anything and everything (well, almost everything).

All moms have their iconic moments, and every mom is iconic for simply being themselves. Mothers have the toughest job in the world; raising their children to work hard for their own success and happiness. Mother’s Day came and went pretty quickly, but every day is a day to celebrate our moms- especially if she’s as iconic as yours.


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