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Pre-order Your Gifts

Always forgetting your important celebrations? Order your flowers in advance and get discounts + extra bonuses today.

Never miss another important celebration.

Have you ever forgotten a birthday or anniversary? We know how painful it is when you get asked, “Hey, where’s my gift?” Not to mention the aftermath, phew. Save the day by pre-ordering. Zero stress, worry free.

+ FREE gifts & delivery

How Does It Work?

Get these goodies free of charge when you pre-order flowers for your mum.

Select a Date

Choose a delivery date for your gift. The celebration must be at least 31 days away to qualify for discounts & bonuses.

Choose Your Gift

Pick your flowers or gift from our curated bestsellers including hat boxes, bouquets & everlasting gifts.

Create Your Message

Type out a short & sweet message to your recipient or pick a suggested message from our list.

Checkout & Pay

After you’ve selected your date, gift & message, just checkout and pay with your fav method - card, FPX or e-wallets.

Get Free Bonuses

Once your order is received, your bonuses may be e-mailed to you or sent to your recipient, depending on the bonus item.

Wait for Delivery

As your delivery date gets closer, we’ll start prepping your order and deliver it on your selected date.

+ FREE gifts & delivery

What Do I Get?

The earlier you order, the more bonuses you get. It’s our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for your trust.

Your delivery date is

5% discount

1x free Designer Card

Save up to RM 42.90

Your delivery date is

7% discount

1x free Ferrero & KitKat Choc

1x free RM 10 Discount Code

Save up to RM 70.90

Your delivery date is

10% discount

1x free Express Delivery

1x free RM 10 Discount Code

Save up to RM 120.00

Your delivery date is

10% discount

1x free Designer Card

1x free Express Delivery

1x free RM 10 Discount Code

Save up to RM 132.90

Why BloomThis?

With thousands of orders delivered and 1,500+ Google reviews, BloomThis is Malaysia’s most stylish & reliable online florist.

Luxurious Design

Arrangements designed to show off the best flowers of the season.

Quality Flowers

Hand-picked and curated from the best flower farms.

Artisan Handcrafted

Handcrafted by in-house floral artisans and stylists.

Easy Payment

Pick from bank transfer to credit cards and e-wallets.

Free Delivery

100% free delivery to major areas in KL, Selangor, Penang & JB.

Order Tracking

Track your order from anywhere - desktop, mobile or WhatsApp.

Pre-order Your Flowers

Show your better half, BFFs or family how much they mean to you with a heartfelt gift.

+ FREE gifts & delivery



How soon should I pre-order my gifts?

As soon as possible! Being an early bird has its perks with our new Pre-Order feature. If you pre-order your gifts now for your important celebration later, you get discount up to 10% + extra goodies. However, to quality for the discounts and bonuses mentioned on this page, your delivery date must be at least 31 days away or later.

How far ahead can I pre-order my gifts?

As far ahead as you like! Other than getting the highest tier discount and bonus, you'll also lock-in your fav product in case it gets unavailable later due to high demand. Some of our customers have ordered 1-2 years ahead.

Can I pre-order for my celebration that's less than 31 days away?

Yes, you can but you'll have to order as normal from our other collections on the store and select your future delivery date in the cart. Unfortunately, you also won't get Pre-Order discounts and bonuses as they're only applicable for deliveries that's at least 31 day away. That said, no sweat, we regularly hold promos throughout the year with various discounts and free gifts.

How do I pre-order?

Just click any of the PRE-ORDER NOW buttons on the page to go to our Pre-Order wizard. After that, just follow the steps one at a time. First, you'll have to select a delivery date. Second, pick your gift through a pop-up window (after selection, you'll see the discount and bonuses you'll get). Third, create a message. After that, just checkout as usual.

If I buy flowers from another collection for a later delivery date, can I get the discounts and bonuses mentioned here?

Unfortunately, the discounts and bonuses are only applicable for orders made through our Pre-Order feature.

Which flowers & gifts are available for pre-ordering?

Once you click the PRE-ORDER NOW button and go to our Pre-Order wizard, you'll find a selection of flowers and gifts available for pre-ordering. We've curated our all-time bestsellers from different categories to give you a good choice range including our signature hat boxes, classic bouquets, popular Eternity & Memento gifts and even cakes and celebration packs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most popular payment methods including credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc), bank transfers (CIMB Clicks, Maybank2u etc) and e-wallets like GrabPay, Boost, WeChatPay, AliPay and more.

How will I get my bonuses?

Once your order is received, your bonuses may be e-mailed to you or delivered with your order to your recipient, depending on the bonus item. Here's a list of how we deliver your discounts and bonuses: 


Discounts are automatically applied in cart (no promo code input needed).

Designer Card

Designer card will replace the standard message card and delivered with your order to your recipient. 

Gift Items

Gift items (eg chocolates, snacks and etc) will be delivered with your order to your recipient.

Express Delivery

Express Delivery will replace the standard free delivery, which means your order will be prioritised for delivery within 4 hours on your delivery date between 10 am - 6 pm.

Discount Codes

Discount codes will be sent to you via email and is meant to be used for your future orders with BloomThis.

Can I change my delivery date after pre-ordering?

You can change your delivery date to two weeks before or two weeks after your original delivery date (eg if you originally selected 18 Oct, you may change your delivery date to either 28 Sep - 11 Oct or 19 Oct - 1 Nov. If these dates are still not suitable for you, we can refund you in store credit for you to make a new order and all the bonuses that you earned previously for your pre-order will be cancelled.

How can I track my delivery?

You can get order notifications via WhatsApp or use the Track Order feature on the BloomThis website. 


Please ensure that you put your own contact details (eg name, email, phone no and address) on Step 3 of the Checkout process. With that done, you'll get timely WhatsApp messages at certain stages of your order.


Go to our Track Order page and type in your 5-digit order number (eg 55132) to check where your order is at the moment.

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What Our Customers Say

We helped them create happy moments for their loved ones.

+ FREE gifts & delivery

Pre-order Your Flowers

Avoid the last-minute gifting rush. Make your celebration one to remember. Smiles guaranteed.

+ FREE gifts & delivery