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Brighten up a birthday party by bringing along this balloon floral arrangement. Personalise the balloon and it'll make a wonderful display, a reminder of being an extra year wiser (not just older).

Birthday, Friendship, Just Because, For Him, Congrats, Graduation, Love, Anniversary

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Balloon Care

Want to make your balloons last longer? Here's some tips and instructions from our gifting experts to care for your BloomThis balloons.

Our sticker balloons stay filled for 2-5 days before shrinking.

Vivi Soh

Balloon Stylist

1. Place in a cool & dry area

Place your balloon in a cool and dry room or shaded area. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat. All of these conditions may make your balloon pop.

2. Avoid sharp or hot objects

Be extra careful when handling sharp or hot objects near the balloon. A slight brush of a sharp scissors or a touch from a hot pan is enough for your balloon to go with a bang.

3. Keep pets away

Display your balloons on a table or similarly tall surface to avoid playful pets from touching your balloon. Most pets have have sharp claws which may accidentally pop it.

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