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We all know the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” That’s exactly what you’ll get when you walk into Suen Jewellers. Suen Jewellers have a wide range of pearls, coloured gemstones and the magnificents, rare gems that are intricately carved by fine craftsmanship. Whether you’re newlyweds looking to get a ring or a jewellery collector with marvellous taste, you’re bound to find something in Suen Jewellers that will catch your eye.


Suen Jewellers is no stranger to the Malaysian market. They were once known as The Carat Club in 1997. After a major rebranding and its official reopening in 2011, Suen Jewellers now occupies 3 bungalow lots located strategically along the busy street of Jalan Maarof.

The story of the establishment began when founder and managing director, Lee Sze Suen’s passion for stunning creations of nature (bewitching gems) and those of mankind (dazzling jewellery) got her stoked to run her very own retail store- a brand that signifies quality and style.



“Perfection is the child of time" is a quote that she took with her on this inspiring journey, adopting it into everything she did. For decades, she managed countless craftsmen, trying to convey the standards and ideas of what she envisioned Suen Jewellers to be. Through much investment in time, patience, and sheer hard work, the company has come a long way with the intense pursuit for great craftsmanship and attention to detail. Suen Jewellers produces a display of opulence and style in each necklace, bracelet, earring or wedding band. They have multiple collections that are been crowd favourites including the Trinity Collection and The Love Diamond collection for lovebirds.

The Trinity Collection begins with a story of “a PAST to cherish, a PRESENT to celebrate and a FUTURE to beckon”. Jewellery is so personal and with this collection, every piece created speaks volumes through its simplicity. It reminds us to celebrate every given moment in life, good or bad, cherish what was and what it will be.



‘The Love Diamond’ collection consists of precisely cut solitaire diamonds with intricate details of eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows matched in harmony. All carved to perfection for the proposal of your dreams and your partner’s.

The store offers a great selection of wedding bands that are customizable according to your desires. For all guys out there thinking to tie the knot, let Suen Jewellers take you on an emotional journey, and watch the magic happen from beginning till end as they guide you through each step of the crafting process.

You can be assured that Suen Jewellers (being more customer-centric) aims to make the whole process all the more personal and relaxing. A private, posh yet pressure-free experience, all to make you feel at home.



Meanwhile, BloomThis has a special treat for you! Suen Jewellers and BloomThis are collaborating - we’ll reveal more details soon. You surprise your loved one with the perfect ring, and sweep her off her feet with the perfect bouquet too.

Speaking of sweet moments, do check out our Mother’s Day Collection. Get a free exclusive Suen Jewellers Smoky Quartz Necklace worth RM550 delivered to you when you purchase RM500 worth of flowers from the Mother’s Day Collection. Order today and get double the love for just the price of one!





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