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Article: The Cure For Pain

The Cure For Pain

The Cure For Pain

We all would like to have a life free of pain to enjoy doing the things we love. However in our modern life, we spend large amounts of time crouching over our laptop causing us to have tense necks and backs. Over long period of time, our muscles become weak and overcompensate for our poor postures. 

So when our friends over at the pslove company approached us with samples from their pain relief products, we were more than happy to try them out. The pslove company specialises in using heat to relieve discomfort in your muscles. The patches are non-medicated so you wouldn't have to worry about being allergic to the ingredients used and the patches heat up to a temperature of 45-60 degrees.

We gave the samples to our team mates to try and here are their opinions after testing the products. 

Gladys, Head Florist
As I spend a lot of my time working on my feet, I tend to get back aches sometimes. So when I got the BackHeat patch, I decided to use it while working. I simply stuck it on my lower back and went on doing my daily job. I found the constant but not too strong heat comforting to my back and helped my muscles relax. 

Beatrice, Business Development Manager
I am always on the go, meeting clients and driving for appointments. The BackHeat patch was very discreet so I didn't have to worry about my clients seeing it. At the same time I could enjoy the warming effect of the patch. The heat from the patch lasted the whole day and it was very soothing.

Sandy, Business Support Executive
Coincidentally, I was having a stiff neck the very day I got the pslove company NechHeat pack. It was quite a lifesaver! It gave me relief from the stiffness of my neck and the heat helped my muscles to relax. I think I would get more of them since I always get a stiff neck from looking at the computer day in day out.

Niti, Assistant Florist 
Menstrual cramps and pain are no strangers to me. Whilst I have tried painkillers, I really don't like to rely on them. The pslove company's MenstruHeat helps me do just that. As the patch heats up, the warmth gives me reliefs from my cramps and just soothes my pain. I think this is really good alternative to hot water pouches which are cumbersome because the MenstruHeat patches are very convenient and easy to use. 

If you are interested to get these awesome, pain-relieving patches, just head on to the pslove company's website HERE


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