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Article: Sweety Rose Dear

Sweety Rose Dear

I don’t need to further explain how universal Roses are to romance, love, happiness. People have included roses in their song lyrics, literature novels, science innovation, healing purposes and paintings since forever anyway.


Talking about romantic love, roses are synonym to weddings. I can’t remember the last wedding I had attended where the wedding reception venue doesn’t have roses somewhere draping the tables, floral stands, bridesmaids’ hair or marriage ritual where flower petals are thrown at the couple as a form of blessing. If there are weddings without roses, it could be one of these 3 reasons:

  1. One half of the couple is allergic to roses.
  2. The couple simply wants a unique novelty wedding that doesn’t necessarily have to involve roses.
  3. For safety reasons, flower petals are banned in the wedding venue premises.

True story found online: A priest said ‘no flower petals are allowed in church.’ A mother posted this dilemma up in year 2010, and was asking readers other alternatives to go about it. Here’s the screenshot:

Interestingly, some responses this post had received were running along the lines as below:

Keep in mind that this post was 6 years ago. I think humanity’s faith in flower petals is stronger nowadays. Couples still want the romantic symbol showering on them, and I’ve not heard of tripping accidents involving real or fake petals so far.

Just so you know, in case you’re wondering why the roses used in weddings are so delicate in colour, almost porcelain-looking that it gives the whole wedding place a very dreamy ambience. And that they’re mostly in light candy-pink colour. That is because the species used is India’s Pink Avalanche Roses or more commonly known as Sweet Avalanche Roses. Here’s how they look like:

From the look of this flower, you just know that when this Rose blooms, it will bloom open so… I don’t think ‘very beautiful’ is enough to describe its perfect beauty, really. Initially in its bud form, it is pale pink or white in colour all-round with a hint of green hue to it. As it blooms, the green colour fades away, and become pinker as it opens. Every rose colour has a slightly different floral meaning behind it. For this species, Sweet Avalanche means Grace, Friendship, Joy, Perfect Happiness, ‘Please Believe Me’ message implication, Gratitude, Gentility and Love at First Sight. Wherever this bouquet of roses is placed, it will become a natural focal point of attention in any room. And for some reason, whether you are a romantic in nature or not, these roses will find its way to your heart. For one good long moment, you’ll feel everything in this world is going to be alright, no matter how Armageddon-ish your day has been. So, care for some ‘perfect happiness’ now? =)

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