6 Unique Ways to Hide the Engagement Ring for Your Christmas Proposal


What better time to plan a marriage proposal than the holidays? Get inspired by these Christmas-themed ideas for where you can hide the engagement ring before you propose. Putting the ring somewhere unexpected will create a wonderful surprise that your partner will love.


Propose with an advent calendar — bonus points if it’s homemade

  • Wrap 24 special gifts that can relate to your relationship.
  • Share one each day with your S.O. as you countdown until Christmas.
  • When they open the last box up, you can get down on one knee and ask for their hand in marriage.


Put it in the Christmas tree

  • Purchase a custom ornament that has “Will You Marry Me” engraved.
  • Place the ring in an ornament. You can create your own or find one on Etsy.
  • Hang the ring box on your Christmas tree.
  • Make the ring itself the ornament. Tie the ring to a nice ribbon and place it in a spot where your partner can see it.


Hide the ring box in their Christmas stocking

  • Place the ring box at the bottom of their Christmas stocking.
  • Make sure the stocking has other small gifts so that they will be shocked once they find the ring at the bottom.


Place it in a Christmas present box, inside another box, inside another box, etc...

  • Place the ring box in several boxes of varying sizes.
  • To remove any suspicions, add some weight so that the box isn’t too light.
  • Opening so many boxes will build the excitement and fun for you and your partner!


Use a Christmas bouquet

  • Buy a beautiful Christmas-themed bouquet for your partner with some of their favorite flowers.
  • Hide the ring inside the flowers and ask them to take a closer look in the bouquet for a special surprise.


Include your pets!

  • Tie the ring box to your dog’s collar.
  • Ask a friend or family member to distract your partner at Christmas while you fasten the ring.
  • Once you’re ready, have another friend call your dog over so your partner can see it.


After the proposal, you’ll likely want to commemorate such a special moment with photos, so use an acne treatment the night before in case of breakouts. Also be sure to treat your S.O. to a manicure the day before so that their hands are photo ready. Use these tips to create a magical holiday proposal for you and the love of your life.

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