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Article: The Ultimate Red Rose Day Gift Guide (And The Only You’ll Ever Need)

The Ultimate Red Rose Day Gift Guide (And The Only You’ll Ever Need)

The Ultimate Red Rose Day Gift Guide (And The Only You’ll Ever Need)

Red Rose Day? Red Rose Day.

Welcome to Red Rose Day, the unofficial holiday for everyone who thinks love should be spelled with petals and not letters. Here at BloomThis, we’re all about celebrating these iconic blooms that have been wooing unsuspecting romantics and gracing apologetic gestures for centuries.

History of Red Rose Flowers

When it comes to red rose flowers, their drama and allure go way back — like, ancient Rome back. These weren't just pretty decorations ; they were serious status symbols. Imagine lavish Roman banquets where ceilings dripped with rose petals, a luxurious display of wealth and excess.


Romans didn’t just throw parties; they threw epic floral extravaganzas, with red roses as the star attractions, ensuring everyone knew just how opulent you could be. It was like saying, "Look at me, I can literally bathe my villa in luxury," but with petals.

Fast forward to a chillier climate and a grittier plotline in medieval England, and the red rose takes on a new, more combative role during the War of the Roses. This wasn’t just any old family squabble; it was a full-blown civil war with petals.


From 1455 to 1487, the red rose was the emblem of the House of Lancaster, pitted against the white rose of the House of York. Imagine knights, nobles, and kings all vying for power, with the humble red rose thrust into the spotlight as a symbol of loyalty and blood ties. Every time a Lancasterian knight donned a red rose, it wasn’t just about floral preference; it was a declaration of political and military allegiance—a floral brand that said, "Team Lancaster, ready to rumble!"

Through the Victorian era, red roses continued to reign supreme as the floral choice for expressing love. They were the go-to for whispered sweet nothings and grand romantic gestures alike. And today? They’re still at it, making cameos in everything from first dates to 50th anniversaries and reminding us that some things—like a good love story—never go out of style.

This look at the red rose’s history shows it's much more than just a pretty face: it's a bloom of battlefields and ballrooms, embodying passion and power throughout the ages.

Big Deal With Red Roses?


Why do we keep coming back to red rose flowers? Because they are the Michael Jordan of the flower world: universally recognized, always in style, and exceptional at making a point—specifically, the point of love. Red roses don’t just say "I love you"; they say it with a historical flair that’s survived fashion trends, wars, and yes, even reality TV.

Red Rose Flowers as Gifts

Gift-giving can be a minefield, but giving red rose bouquets? That’s like playing the game on cheat mode. Whether it’s a single bloom or a full armload, red roses are your best bet at saying anything from "You’re the one" to "Sorry I forgot to take the trash out... again."

Red Rose Bouquets

Ashley Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


This symphony of sentiments features brilliant red rose flowers paired elegantly with whispers of eucalyptus. It's perfect for transforming a mundane 'I like you' into an Oscar-worthy 'I adore you in high definition.' Ideal for adding a touch of romance to any day that ends in 'y.'

Price: RM 135 Small | RM 199 Medium | RM 325 Large

Shop Ashley Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Amaal Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


Firework display of passion, meet bouquet form. With fiery red and mysterious cappuccino roses accented by playful sprays and elegant leaves, this red rose bouquet is less of a floral arrangement and more of a romantic overture. It’s love, lit with a match.

Price: RM 99 Small | RM 139 Medium

Shop Amaal Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Aphrodite Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis


Open this box and a Greek chorus might just pop out, singing of your undying love. Overflowing with the most romantic red rose flowers and baby’s breath, this grand gesture could very well be your own epic tale of romance—mythology books and all.

Price: RM 209 Medium | RM 249 Large

Shop Aphrodite Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis

Rachel Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


This lush bouquet is your express lane to romance, deploying red rose flowers like Cupid's well-aimed arrows. Perfect for when you need to say "I love you" without actually saying it—let the roses do the talking, and they talk loud.

Price: RM 159

Shop Rachel Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Charlotte Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


This glamorous mix of red rose flowers is like a VIP party for your senses, complete with splashes of white and gold. Send this bouquet when you need to impress, dazzle, or just add a little sparkle to someone's day—it's celebrity status in floral form.

Price: RM 189 Medium | RM 249 Large

Shop Charlotte Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Aphrodite Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


Here’s a love jackpot where each red rose flower is a token of affection. Overflowing with romance and sprinkled with baby’s breath, it’s not just a bouquet; it's a grand romantic gesture that's nearly cinematic in its delivery.

Price: RM 249 Meduim | RM 349 Large

Shop Aphrodite Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Odile Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis


The Odile Red Rose Flower Box is sophistication in a box, making it the top-tier method to declare your undying affection. It's like sending a velvet-voiced opera singer to serenade your love but more portable and definitely more shelf-stable.

Price: RM 149 Medium | RM 199 Large

Shop Odile Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis

Alessi Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


For the grand gestures on a not-so-grand day, the Alessi Rose Bouquet comes swinging in. It's your go-to for making someone smile so wide they'll need to explain it on their next Zoom call. "It’s just a little something," you’ll say, while it screams, "I'm kind of a big deal."

Price: RM 99

Shop Alessi Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Calypso Sunflower & Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


Mix a little sunshine with your romance with this playful bouquet where sunflowers meet red rose flowers. It’s a cheerful rebellion against the ordinary, perfect for those whose love shines bright and breezy.

Price: RM 179 Medium | RM 209 Large

Shop Calypso Sunflower & Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Bethany Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


Turn the romance up to eleven with the Bethany Red Rose Bouquet. Bold red roses? Check. Anthurium for a touch of the exotic? Double check. This bouquet doesn’t just speak love; it shouts it from the rooftops, probably with a megaphone.

Price: RM 269

Shop Bethany Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

Bethany Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis


In the Bethany Red Rose Flower Box, traditional meets tropical. This box pairs bold red rose flowers with striking anthurium, creating a treasure chest of emotions that’s as rich in feeling as it is in colour. Perfect when your heart is overflowing and a bouquet just won’t do.

Price: RM 149 Medium | RM 199 Large

Shop Bethany Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis

Kate Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis


Kate is regal, poised, and ready to rule the kingdom of hearts. With each red rose meticulously placed, this flower box isn't just a gesture, it's a coronation of your affection. Send it when you want to say, "You're my queen."

Price: RM 159 Medium | RM 209 Large

Shop Kate Red Rose Flower Box | BloomThis

Mini Rachel Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis


Last but not least, the Mini Rachel Red Rose Bouquet packs all the punch of its bigger siblings, just in a more compact form. It’s the whisper to their usual shout, perfect for when you want to say "I love you" softly but with all the gravity of a thousand roses.

Price: RM 109

Shop Mini Rachel Red Rose Bouquet | BloomThis

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