Significance of Carnations for Mothers

We often hear that Carnations are a must have during the period of Mother's Day. Carnations are already popular all around the year with their fringed petals and myriad of colurs but they seem to have a mysterious tie to mothers.

Carnations have been the traditional choice to be given to Mothers and here's the story behind it. The first ever Mother's Day was celebrated when Miss Anna Jarvis wanted to recognise the love and sacrifices of mothers.

She carefully picked out 500 stalks of Carnations to be given out to all the mothers who were at a service. Miss Anna Jarvis specially chose Carnations out of the many popular flowers because her own mother was particularly fond of them.

Thus the celebration of mothers came to be and Carnations became the symbol of Mother's Day. It's no surprise that the Carnation is still recognised as the symbol of Mother's Day. Carnations are thought to embody some virtues of motherhood. Carnations are known to last longer that other flowers which brings out the quality of faithfulness. The fragrance and beauty it emanates alludes to the love of a mother. 

So if you are unsure of what flowers to get for your beloved mom, Carnations will always be your best bet! 



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