Rosalind (JB)

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Impress your quests with this posy of exquisite red roses accompanied with lush ruscus leaves. Classic and stylish, Rosalind is the perfect expression of everlasting love.

Red Rose (13-15 stalks), Red Berry & Eucalyptus Leaves


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    Hand-Tied Bouquet Flower Care

    Want to keep your flowers pretty? Here's some tips and instructions from our flower experts to care for your BloomThis hand-tied flower bouquet.

    If you'd like to preserve your bouquet, just hang them upside down in a dry and airy area.

    Mae Fun

    Floral Artisan

    1. Get a clean vase

    The cleaner your vase, the lesser the bacteria and the longer your flowers bloom. Of course, you can also use a jar, a mug, a teapot or anything that you fancy.

    2. Fill clean water

    Fill the vase with cold tap water. Too much water can speed the decay of the stems, and too little will hamper hydration. We suggest filling your vase up to two-thirds full.

    3. Place in your vase

    Store your hand-tied bouquet in your filled vase. If you're using your bouquet for a wedding, just place it in the vase as-is until you're ready to use it. If not, feel free to trim the stems, prune the lower leaves and arrange them in your filled vase however you like. Here's a pro tip: place taller stems at the back and the short ones at the front.

    4. Place in a cool area

    Place your hand-tied bouquet in a cool room or shaded area. Avoid direct air-conditioning, direct sunlight, extreme heat, dust and ripening fruit. All of these conditions may make your flowers wilt faster.

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