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The orchid plant symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Send these absolutely breathtaking CNY flowers to your best friend as a home visit gift for the festivities. Or you can decorate your home just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations with these Phalaenopsis orchids.

Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid (5 stalks)

Chinese New Year, Congrats, Thank You, Decor

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Orchid Flower Care

Want to keep your flowers pretty? Here's some tips and instructions from our flower experts to care for your BloomThis orchid plants.

Many are mesmerized by the beauty of orchid petals but please resist the temptation to touch them as they wilt easily.

Vivi Soh

Floral Designer

1. Place in a cool area

Place your orchids in a cool room or shaded area. Avoid direct air-conditioning, direct sunlight, extreme heat and dust. All of these conditions may make your orchids wilt.

2. Water once weekly

Water your orchid once a week with clean tap water until the pot mix feels damp and soft. Over watering your orchid may cause its root to rot. Generally, it's better to under-water rather than over-water your orchid.

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