Anniversary Butterfly Garden

Personalized Engraving:

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A unique gift for your BFF or loved ones. A miniature enchanted forest sealed within an acrylic case makes a good table top decoration and to remind your special person of you! Perfect for those who love magical forests. Make your BFF smile today.

  • Handcrafted with miniatures and figurines
  • Naturally dried flowers
  • Name engraved with diamond etching
  • Delivered in a bespoke acrylic case with a gift card, including your personal message
  • Free same day delivery

Flower & Product Care

At BloomThis, we pride ourselves on getting the freshest flowers from around the world and crafting them into gorgeous gifts just for you. Once you receive a BloomThis, take good care of it and you'll enjoy your flowers for days and (for certain products) even months to come. 

Here's some flower care tips for our different products.

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