A'Bloom Fruit Masks Variety Pack

Take a fresh, juicy bite out of beauty with A'bloom masks! Get the best of all worlds with this variety pack that features all six variants of A'bloom masks for an overall, well-rounded complexion.

6 sheets

1x Water-Me-Long: Watermelon and lavender extracts
1x Avo-Cuddle-Me: Avocado extracts and hibiscus
1x Ac-Me-Peach: Peach and tea tree extracts
1x Sparkle-Me-Bright: Lemon and lime extracts
1x Coco-Me-Up: Coconut extracts
1x Berry-Me-Baby: Blueberry and pomegranate

Watermelon extract - Hydrates and cools the skin
Avocado extract - Rich in antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin
Peach extract - Balances the skin’s oil-to-water levels
Lemon and lime extracts - Packed with vitamin C for a bright complexion
Coconut extract - Contains vitamin E to smoothen and repair the skin
Blueberry extract - Has antioxidants for anti-aging properties
Suitable for all skin types

Flower & Product Care

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Here's some flower care tips for our different products.

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