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Valentine's Sale Ends In


Be her winner this Valentine's Day

Pre-order your Valentine’s flowers today and get 10% discount of flowers and gifts, free Photobook and free Vaseline lip balm + lip lacquer.

Make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, I always make sure I give Penny a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. She loves her gifts and is always happy to receive them. That makes me happy as well because you know what they say: “Happy wife, happy life”.

But every year, I also see guys rushing around to buy flowers on the day itself. Most florists are sold out the day before V-day. And what’s left on the day itself usually isn’t the top of the line. If you truly cared about someone, wouldn’t you want to give them the best? 

Give yourself the opportunity to just focus on her this Valentine’s Day. Pre-purchase your gift to her and secure a delivery spot so you don’t have to worry on the day itself. There’s no extra cost. In fact, you get a discount and a bunch of other goodies!

Show her that you’ve put thought into your relationship, that you care about creating special moments that the two of you will remember in the years to come. 

Here’s what else you’ll get:

10% Discount

(Off All Products Here)

They say that early bird gets the worm. Purchase your flowers early and you’ll get a discount!

Free Photobook Simple Book

(Worth RM 20+)

Make a compilation to remind her of all your special moments together.

Free LIP BALM + Lip LAcquer

(Worth RM 29+)

She will love this NEW Vaseline Prime & Shine, a 2-in-1 lip product that gives the right care and colour in just one product!

No Stress


Forget rushing around to get her V-day gift. You’re all set for a wonderful night together.

Founder & CEO


These pieces always do well with the ladies.

Love KateLove Kate
Love EvangelineLove Evangeline
Love AshleyLove Ashley
Love SweetheartLove Sweetheart

More Flowers & Gifts

Get in her good books with any of these items.

Exclusive Bonuses

Get these add-ons free of charge when you pre-book flowers for her.

Bonus 1

Free 6" x 6" Simple Book

Do you have heaps of amazing photos of all your adventures? Put together your own compilation of photos in a photobook that you’ll be able to flip through to remember the moments you’ve created together. Get the 6x6” book free, or go ahead and splurge on an even fancier one.

Offer details will be sent via email after you make your order

Bonus 2

Free Vaseline Prime & Shine

A functional gift that she’s sure to love and will use all-year round! The Vaseline Prime & Shine is a 2-in-1 lip care and colour accessory that provides all the moisture of lip balm with the gorgeous shine of coloured lip lacquer.

This offer comes in 5 colours and a random selection will be delivered to your recipient along with your order

Order Your Flowers Today

These pieces always do well with the ladies.


We helped these guys create happy moments for their girls.

Order Your Flowers Today

Avoid the last-minute Valentine’s Day rush.


Check “Buy V-Day gift” off your to-do list early so you can focus on planning her the perfect date for Valentine’s Day.

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