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Be a BloomThis
Uni Affiliate!
Hey there!

We know student and working life is hard. Broke for the month?
New job paying too little? Expensive hobbies?

We've got just the thing for you.

Share a unique discount code with your friends & family and
earn cash for every graduation bouquet or flower box you help

Your loved ones get 10% off graduation flowers and you get a
sweet commision in return for sharing the discount. That's
win-win :)

*Affiliate program begins 1 Oct 2018 and will run continuously until further notice
*Commission applicable to all sales except certain collections & products (refer to FAQ below)
*Commission is tracked through use of the unique affiliate link OR promo code
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Why Join?

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How Does it Work?

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Get answers

What is a sale?
A sale is a purchase of a product from the BloomThis
Graduation Collection (except for Matilda and Tinkerbell)
and all collections (except Newborn, Jellycat, Flower & Gifts,
Grand Opening, Condolence & Subscription collections &
these products: Kendra, Bria, Nara, Joyful, Belinda,
Gwendolyn, Gypsy, Agatha, Favourite, Jane, Francesca,
Marissa and Delilah) with valid payment through your
unique affiliate link or promo code, which will result in a
commission paid out to you.

What do I get?
You get 10% commission on sales through your unique
affiliate link or promo code (which you can get through your
affiliate dashboard after you register).

How do I get paid?
We'll process all commission payments 15 days after the
close of the month in which sales occurred. We'll online
transfer your commissions into your bank account, less any
required taxes or refunds (on returned product).

Who can join as an affiliate?
We accept all university students, graduates or alumni,
especially if you know friends or family who need flowers for

Who can I share to?
Share your unique affiliate link and promo code with juniors,
seniors, friends and family who need to get graduation
flowers. Now, that's a lot of people who could benefit from
your promo code.

Where can I advertise BloomThis?
You can advertise the BloomThis Graduation Collection on
social networks (FB, IG, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE), your blog
or website. You can also email friends & family and include
your unique affiliate link and banners.

As an affiliate, can I buy for my friends through my own link?
No. Your friends and family must make an order with their
own email address and credit card upon checkout. We will
not recognise sales made through the affiliate's email

Do you provide reports of my sales?
For sure! We'll provide you with a web interface through
which you can view detailed reports on your sales.

How do I get started?
Click the JOIN US TODAY or SIGN UP NOW button to join the
BloomThis Uni Affiliate Program. Once you're approved, we'll
provide links, banners and an easy to use commissions
tracking system.

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