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1) Which chain/network is your project on?

Our Love Blooms will be deployed on the Polygon network.

2) Will there be an NFT gallery for users to see the NFTs? Where?

Yes. At the moment the public gallery is under development. Stay tuned for latest updates on our Discord channel.

3) Can I trade the NFT on the marketplace?

Yes! Until we roll out our very own marketplace, users can trade NFTs on existing secondary marketplaces.

4) Can the Recipient NFT be sold/traded?

Our Recipient NFTs symbolise eternal love, longing, and compassion. They are forever bound to the recipient's wallet and cannot be traded.

5) What’s the total supply of the NFT?

There will be only 200 Love Blooms available for purchase in the first wave, so get them while they’re still available. The total supply of Love Blooms are capped at 1,402 units, and the rest of the 1202 units will be released in waves in the future.

6) What is the price for a Love Bloom NFT?

A Love Blooms NFT package is priced at RM1000. This includes both Owner NFTs and Recipient NFTs plus all the perks.

7) What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique properties that distinguish them from each other.

In the simplest way, they are completely unique digital assets, just like our flower boxes are different from one another.

8) What can I do with an NFT?

NFTs in general can be used for many things. Some people have used them as concert tickets, for example. They can represent real-world items like artwork and real estate.

For the Love Blooms NFT, you can be loud and proud and display them as your social media profile pictures. They also come with benefits and rewards that include Gift Cards, loyalty rewards, exclusive, early-bird access to Bloomthis events and NFT launches, and Love Blooms Holder Royalty benefits.

9) What is an owner and recipient NFT?

Purchasing a Love Bloom entitles you to two NFTs - an Owner NFT and a Recipient NFT.

The Owner NFT is yours to keep whereas the Recipient NFT is gifted to someone special.

10) What is a “wallet address”?

Just like how money is stored in bank accounts or physical wallets, Cryptocurrency and NFTs are stored in a digital wallet. There are many wallet services available (and so many of them are free!). These wallets come with a unique ID that is anywhere between 26-42 characters long!

11. What perks do I get?

For Love Blooms, they function as elite membership tokens, with special perks tied to them, so long as the NFT is within their wallets. The perks are as follows:


  • Personalised Recipient NFT (message + photo)
  • BloomThis RM500 Gift Card
  • BloomRewards Bloom Tier (highest loyalty tier)
    • 2x points on all purchases
    • 1000 birthday points
    • Free express shipping


  • Exclusive pass to future BloomThis events
  • Early bird access to future BloomThis NFT launches
  • Love Blooms Holder Royalties from secondary sales

12) How do I get the perks after purchase?

After purchase, you will be led to your NFT Redemption Form page through a follow-up Order Confirmation email. Once the form is submitted, you’ll receive an email confirming all of your perks and its details.

13) How do I pay for this?

Easy! Just head on to our product page, and once it’s in your cart, you just pay as you normally would if you were purchasing anything else from us instead.

14) When will I receive the NFT?

Once purchase is completed and the NFT Redemption Form is submitted, our team will fulfill the Owner NFT airdrops on 14th February 2023 onwards and thereafter, within 3-5 working days and the Recipient NFT airdrop on your specified date.

15) Can I pay with cryptocurrency?

At the moment, we accept payment for our Love Blooms in fiat & cryptocurrency (BUSD, USDT, USDC).

16) Can I send my recipient NFT later?

Buying Love Blooms but want to send your Recipient NFT much later? Email us at and we’ll get you sorted out. Don’t worry, as long as you’ve purchased one, you can collect and send the Recipient NFT whenever you’d like.