Melody Self-Love Kit

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If you're feeling stressed out or just can't deal, don't be hard on yourself! Take a time-out with the Melody Self-Love Kit. Sit back with a fruity face mask, do some flower arranging (super calming) or explore other self-care ideas with our Self-Love activity cards. Now, take a break.

40 cm (L) x 18.4 cm (W) x 8.5 cm (H)

Hot Cherry Pink Gerbera (1 stalk), Red Berry (1 stalk), Pink Button Pom-pom (1 stalk) & Yellow Peacock (1 stalk)

1x Flower Arrangement
1x Flower Vase
1x A'Bloom Fruit Masks Variety Pack
1x Ferrero & Hershey Star Bauble
1x BloomThis x Wanderlust+Co Self-Love Activity Cards

Birthday, Friendship, Just Because, Love

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A'Bloom Fruit Masks Variety Pack:
1x Water-Me-Long: Watermelon and lavender extracts
1x Avo-Cuddle-Me: Avocado extracts and hibiscus
1x Ac-Me-Peach: Peach and tea tree extracts
1x Sparkle-Me-Bright: Lemon and lime extracts
1x Coco-Me-Up: Coconut extracts
1x Berry-Me-Baby: Blueberry and pomegranate

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