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Provide a blanket of sentiment through an arrangement of Snapdragon, Lily Casablanca, green Eustoma, green Spider Mum Lily & Eucalyptus Parvifolia, Barbiel will deliver an empathetic voice.

White Snapdragon (8-10 stalks), Casablanca Lily (5-7 stalks), Green Spider Mum (10-12 stalks), Song of Jamaica (3-4 stalks), Bird's Nest (4-5 pcs), Green Eustoma, Eucalyptus & Monstera Leaves


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Flower Stand Care

Want to keep your flowers pretty? Here's some tips and instructions from our flower experts to care for your BloomThis flower stand.

Placing your flower stands near your shop entrance will attract passers-by & potential customers!

Rose Alba

Floral Artisan

1. Place in a cool area

If possible, place your flower stand in a cool room or shaded area. Avoid direct air-conditioning, direct sunlight, extreme heat, dust and ripening fruit. All of these conditions may make your flowers wilt faster.

2. Mist flowers daily

Spray or spritz your flowers with clean tap water once a day to give it additional hydration. Flowers can absorb water from places other than the base of its stems. To do this right, use a bottle with a fine mist setting and spray from 6 inches to 1 foot away from the flowers to ensure an even coverage.

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