Why BloomThis?

Creating Your Moments

Unique Design

Each of our greeting cards feature sprigs of dried cut flowers that have been carefully selected and arranged by our in-house flower artisans. Each bloom is different, which means each card is a one-of-a-kind treasure to cherish.

Natural Beauty

Only the best quality flowers are selected, then dried in a temperature and humidity controlled room. This ensures that the dried flowers retain the best shape and colour that lasts for years.

Elegant Quality

Our cards are made of high quality ivory cards to ensure that your gift lasts longer. These cards help you create moments that wil be remembered in the years to come.


We're Making Headlines

Greeting Cards

Although greeting cards are typically only given during occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations, you don't have to wait for a special day to give them out. You can also send them to someone that you just want to appreciate or perhaps, cheer up. When you lack the words to express how you feel, sometimes choosing the right greeting card can be all the help you need to convey your message.

Dried Flowers

One of the reasons flowers are considered beautiful is because of how fragile and ephemeral they are. Their colourful petals and seasonal blooms remind us that life is amazing, yet fleeting. Drying flowers is one way to preserve flowers, to give them a different kind of charm. If taken care of, our naturally-produced dried flowers can last for years!

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