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With a curiosity that could rival a cat, Jerrica Leong, a Writer of Marie Claire, is always out in search of things that are out of her daily comfort zone. Her curation features Tiger Lilies that adds a pop of colour to the arrangement – just like how friends add value to your life. Jerrica is also crafted with dancing lady, Kenyan roses, tanacetum, and adorned with lush eucalyptus leaves. Send this to your bestie to let her know that you’re thinking of her.

Large: Orange Tiger Lily (2-3 stalks), Kenyan Rose (3-5 stalks), Dancing Lady, Tanecetum & Eucalyptus Leaves

Birthday, Friendship, Congrats, Thank You, Get Well

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Hat Box Flower Care

Want to keep your flowers pretty? Here's some tips and instructions from our flower experts to care for your BloomThis hat box flowers.

Flowers are very delicate things and it's important to keep them away from any heat source.

Penny Choo

Creative Director

1. Place in a cool area

Place your hat box flowers in a cool room or shaded area. Avoid direct air-conditioning, direct sunlight, extreme heat, dust and ripening fruit. All of these conditions may make your hat box flowers wilt faster.

2. Add water daily

Add roughly 100 ml of water once daily by pouring it down the middle of your hat box into the base of the flowers. Don't worry about getting your box wet. As long as you do it gently, the water will seep into the sponge that is placed at the bottom of every hat box.

3. Remove wilting petals

When a flower begins to wilt, remove the petals or the whole flower from the hat box. Flowers bloom and wilt at different times. Removing wilted flowers will help to avoid the spread of bacteria to the other flowers.

4. Mist flowers daily

Spray or spritz your flowers with clean tap water once a day to give it additional hydration. Flowers can absorb water from places other than the base of its stems. To do this right, use a bottle with a fine mist setting and spray from 6 inches to 1 foot away from the flowers to ensure an even coverage.

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