The ultimate guide to giving flowers on Mother's Day Malaysia 2018


Flowers are the most classic and elegant gift for Mother’s Day 2018. If you haven’t sent flowers to your mom before, it’s never too late to begin. We’ve prepared an easy step-by-step guide for you to deliver flowers to your mom.

We are delivering our Designer Flowers even on Mother’s Day itself (Sunday, 13 May 2018). We’re hustling hard behind the scenes to make every mom’s day a delightful one.

If it’s your first time gifting flowers to your mom, you’ve come to the right place. Even if it isn’t, here are some steps you can follow to make a simple bouquet delivery so much more special.

1) Find out what her favourite flowers are (but don’t ask her!)



It’s a bit of an uphill task to investigate what are your mom’s favourite flowers without actually asking her directly, because that would totally give the surprise away. The next best step is to ask around. Begin with asking your dad, because he may have gotten flowers for her before. If the answers come to nought, you can ask her sisters or girlfriends, because women often share conversations with each other and your mom may have mentioned it in passing.

Alternatively, you can ask what her favourite colour is and work your way up to a solution from there. For example, if she likes red, a specially crafted hatbox of red roses would be a perfect gift for her on Mother’s Day 2018. If she likes purples and pinks, an expertly arranged bouquet of purple spider mums and petal pink carnations would be a pleasant surprise for her.

Anyway, whether you manage to get her favourite flowers or not, we’re sure you’re mom will love the gift and be pleased with your efforts

2) Choose a bouquet (or two!)

After finding out what her favourite flowers or colours are, you can choose an assortment of bouquets from BloomThis Designer Flowers Collection. Each designer bouquet comes with a gift card that includes your personal message to your dear mom. Here are some of our top picks!

Fuschia | from RM 189


  • Fuschia draws inspiration from the warm tropics with it’s well-thought-out curation of vibrant cherry pink roses, pastel pink carnations, and gorgeous dendrobium orchids. 
  • Flower fun fact: Pink roses convey emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude. Show your mom your appreciation and gratitude when you shop for Fuschia.

MD Lydya | from RM 189


  • This bouquet is a bespoke hatbox filled with love. Curated with the freshness of spring in mind, Phoebe features soft pink roses, snow-white dendrobium orchids, and cherry pink carnations- perfect for the mom who’s always cheerful and walks with a spring in her step.
  • Flower fun fact: White dendrobiums symbolize class and beauty. Tell mom how beautiful you think she is with MD Lydya.

Phoebe | from RM 149


  • Pheobe is an feminine tribute to moms on Mother's Day. This gorgeous hatbox features pink and cherry pink carnations, white dendrobium orchids, and foliage. Delight your lovely mom with these gorgeous blooms today- especially if she’s the kind who simply can’t resist pretty things!
  • Flower fun fact: Pink carnations send a message of a mother's unconditional love. Demonstrate your heartfelt appreciation for your mom with hatbox of MD Pheobe.

Eternity Roses | from RM 149 (single rose) to RM 1199 (lux box)



Alternatively, if your mom isn’t a fresh flowers kinda gal, BloomThis has an array of eternity roses for Mother’s Day 2018. These eternity roses are a collection of single roses in full bloom, with a glimmering crystal centrepiece cradled in each rose bud. Acrylic displays house these single roses and a personal engraving of your mom’s name can be added to it. The only thing better than a fresh rose is an everlasting one with a crystal centrepiece *hint hint. Express your eternal love for your mom with these Eternity Roses.

3) Choose a delivery method


Here at BloomThis, we offer free same day delivery- but I have a better suggestion to make the delivery a little bit extra noteworthy. Deliver it to yourself first, before hand-delivering it to your mom. It’s that simple. It may be a subtle gesture but it’s the little things like these that make a gift delivery so much more memorable for Mother’s Day 2018. We’re sure your mom will prefer if you deliver the flowers to her, especially if you both haven’t met in a while. It’ll melt her heart.

4) Final touches


OK now we’ve got the flowers and delivery method up to scratch, let’s pull out all our stops for the final touches. Besides delivering by hand, feel free to bring your own vase as it saves mom the hassle of having to find one to house her new, fresh blooms. You know how mom gets when she’s excited. If you don’t have a vase, we offer an elegant, clear glass vase as an add-on here at BloomThis. Add on this glass vase to your bouquet- a classic vase makes dear posies look so much more elegant. It’ll surely make Mother’s Day 2018 so much more delightful for your mom.

Now that you’ve read all the steps, you’re a real expert at the art of giving flowers on Mother’s Day 2018. It’s on the 13th May, so you’ve got some time yet! It’s time to get hustlin’, and have a blooming Mother’s Day!

Yeu-Gynn Yeung
Yeu-Gynn Yeung


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