It's the most wonderful time of the year again. As we marvel at the many intricate Christmas decorations mushrooming around us, won't we would love to decorate our living spaces in the same way?

We have heard your heart's desire and came up with a simple tutorial to help you create the best festive deco fit for this holiday season! 

First up, just gather the following materials:
- BloomThis Merry Blooms Long Box flowers of your choice 
- Pair of sharp scissors
- Donut shaped floral foam
- Sharp knife or blade
- 30cm twine 

Now you are all set to go on your own flower adventure! Just click on the video to learn how to make an all time Christmas favourite deco. 


As flower lovers, nothing makes you sadder than to see your fresh flowers wilt faster than expected. There are many methods out there on how to keep your cut flowers fresh for a longer time. Some may sound absurd; such as putting a penny into the water of your vase. 

However, here's a scientific backed method to keep your flowers fresh at almost no cost at all. You probably can find all these ingredients at home or easily get them when you are at the supermarket. 


Why you should use these ingredients? Because each one of it plays an important role in helping your flowers stay fresh!