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While the Lily white shall in love delight,

Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.

Extract from ‘The Lily’ poem by English poet William Blake, 1757 – 1827

Confession time: During high school and college days, I have composed poems. Don’t laugh - you may have done it too before, perhaps you don’t remember it now ;) Whether it was for official assignments, to impress secret crushes, or simply fill up time during a boring lecture – yep, we have penned out some corny words on scraps of paper. In poetry, we often try to rhyme beauty with something comparable, such as compare someone’s beauty & personality to pretty flowers, constellation stars or noble animals.

However, I admit that lilies are rarely thought of. Recently, I only realized that lilies have evoked men to compose poems about its pure beauty since ages past. The above mentioned poem is one of the most popular poems remaining today on just the (white) lily flower. In plainer English, the poet was referring to the Lily as an epitome of grace that has all the love to give to the world. No thorns (like those on a rose stalk) or flaws in this world could mar a lily’s beauty because the lily’s beauty will persevere and shine through in the end. So, to any male readers out there reading my article now: if you are considering giving your girlfriend a change from the usual roses, give lilies a try one day. Undoubtedly, roses are the traditional symbol of love to the receiver, but lilies are good alternatives too – and, lilies last longer :)

There are generally 5 types of Lilies: the Asiatic Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Oriental Lilies, Orienpet Lilies (Oriental + Trumpet Hybrid) & Double Oriental. What you’ll be getting this week is the usual ‘star attraction’ of them all - the pink Oriental Stargazer lilies from Holland.

A typical Stargazer has a sprinkle of dark freckles on its petals. It is usually dark pink in the middle which gradually fades to white at the edges. A good arrangement with lily flowers has a vase lifespan of 2 weeks or more, provided you change the water every few days and give a small dose of cut-flower food to the water. Once this lily blooms, it commands your attention effortlessly. It will draw you in further when you take a whiff of their natural fragrance.

To accentuate the lilies’ beauty, have some waxflowers alongside it. Or what florists would refer them to as Geraldton Wax. Waxflowers are commonly found in South-Western Australia, belong to the myrtle family and looked similar to tea trees’ flowers. Geraldton Wax is relatively hardy and can be cultivated in higher humidity areas, such as Sydney. Chances are high that Geraldton Wax can survive Malaysia’s infamous humid weather. It is very drought-tolerant and has aromatic leaves, despite its petals having a waxy feel to it (hence their name ‘waxflowers’). Their common name may sound unromantic, but their floral meaning is highly regarded, really! Waxflower symbolizes riches and enduring wealth. Their long lasting blooms make them a symbol of lasting success in wealth and relationship matters.

So, put in the symbol of graceful beauty in the same vase with the symbol of riches, wealth and success… voilà! Its allure may leave you tongue-tied, so that is where you let your phone do the job of snapping photos away at the too-beautiful-for-words floral arrangement ;)

Penny Choo
Penny Choo


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