6 Fun & Easy Mid-Autumn Festival Activities [2021]

Mid-Autumn Festival or better known as Mooncake Festival is just around the corner! Looking forward to the age-old Mid-Autumn Festival traditions like lighting up lanterns, playing with sparklers and of course, eating mooncakes? This year, however, you may not see any neighbourhood kids running around with lanterns in hand, due to all the lockdowns and restrictions going on.

Now, who's to say we can't still celebrate while staying safe at home! Here's a list of Mid-Autumn Festival activities (with a modern twist!) that you can safely enjoy with your family members. From arts and crafts to activities for kindergarteners, let's keep the celebration going this Mid-Autumn Festival!

1. Go All-Out With Your Decorations


If you want a spectacular celebration, first your place has to look the part. After all, what's Mid-Autumn Festival without dozens of hanging lanterns and strings of flowery lights? Make it a game even, assign a corner of the house to each member of the family and see who glams it up the best!

Here are some ideas that we found inspiring:

  • Create fun paper cut-outs to place around the house. Click here for some printables we found online.
  • Those dreamy cotton ball string lights make great alternatives for hanging lanterns if you don’t have any.
  • Place a centrepiece of pure white flowers, reminiscent of the full moon! Check out Luana, these are dried so they can last the entire season.
  • Or set up a vase of tropical blooms for a more oriental feel. We recommend Marisol!

2. Make DIY lanterns With The Fam


Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic red lanterns to fish-shaped and even designs of Mickey Mouse on it! However, barring the late-night pasars and trips to the malls to get your lanterns, why not have a fun little project making one yourself!

It's the perfect Mid-Autumn Festival activity to do with your little ones, even the kindergarteners! You could have them stamp their little hands with paint on it, or learn about the story of Hou Yi & Chang'e and draw it out on the lantern. Go ahead, have fun!

Not sure how to make your own lantern? Don't worry, we've got an entire DIY lantern kit ready for you, FREE with any of our BloomThis mooncake sets! We've even made a guide (with video!) for you, click here 🤗



3. Reunite With Family On Zoom


The current restrictions may keep you from visiting your friends and family, but we can still have a reunion over zoom. Look on the bright side, you won't have any mess to clean up or guests to entertain!

Here are some activities you can do over Zoom to keep things interesting!

  • Get dressed up in your best Mid-Autumn Festival outfit
  • Pose and take a group photo
  • Play some group mini-games through Zoom, some ideas here
  • Compare your DIY lanterns (Refer to Activity #2)

4. Have A Karaoke Night


What's the one thing that happens every time the old Uncles and Aunties gather? (besides gossip) Singing along to old-school melodies or Chinese operas, specifically ones like "月亮代表我的心" or "月亮圓" during this season.

This year, though we may miss out on their hilariously passionate singing, we can still have a little fun with our own "Karaoke Night" at home! Don't know where to start? We got you. Check out our Spotify page for our two Mid-Autumn Festival-themed playlists!

A Classic Mid-Autumn Festival

A throwback to our childhood days, this playlist features popular Mid-Autumn melodies and karaoke songs from all your classic stars like Teresa Teng, Liu Fong, Faye Wong and more! You can already hear the overdone sound effects ringing in the background.

  • The Moon Represents My Heart - Teresa Teng
  • May We All Be Blessed With Longevity - Teresa Teng
  • The Crescent Moon - Liu Fong
  • 但愿人长久 If Only People (Could Live) Forever - Faye Wong
  • And more…


A Modern Mid-Autumn Festival

This one's for the younger folks with a preference for something a little more modern. Grab your partner, dish out a few mooncakes and have yourself a perfect Mid-Autumn evening.

  • The Moon Represents My Heart - Cynthia Lin
  • 城裡的月光 - Jam Hsiao
  • Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra
  • Dancing in the moonlight - Toploader
  • Moon River - The Macarons Project
  • And more...


5. Feel Like A Kid Again With Candles And Sparklers


Source: Wordpress

This one is for all the young-at-heart who still reminisce about their childhood days playing with candles and lanterns. Now that nobody's visiting and you have the whole place all to yourselves this Mid-Autumn Festival, what're you waiting for?

Embrace your inner child! Grab those colourful candles from the drawer and light them up in a pattern, or run around the yard with lanterns and sparklers in hand. You know you want to! *wink*

6. Feast On Mooncakes


You can't have Mid-Autumn Festival without mooncakes. It's like Chinese New Year without yee sang, or Christmas without presents! Even without the huge reunions, let's make it a point to spend some time together and enjoy what this occasion is all about - mooncakes and unity for the whole family.

As for what mooncakes to go for? There are so many to choose from! You could go for the all-time classic flavours like Baked Lotus Single Yolk and Red Bean Paste with Almond flakes. Or try the latest trending mooncake flavours like Snow Skin Musang King. (Psst, We have these!) And of course, no mooncake sharing session is complete without some steaming hot Pu-erh tea.

Mooncake and Tea Pairing suggestions: There's no one true pairing rule, but we personally thought these matched well, try it! Lotus Paste Mooncakes + Oolong Tea, Snowskin Mooncakes + Jasmine Tea, Durian Mooncakes + Osmanthus Tea.

Haven't gotten your mooncakes yet? Check out our Mid-Autumn Festival Collection, we have all the best mooncakes from Tai Thong, Hilton and our very own BloomThis mooncakes! Free same-day delivery provided.



P.S. Looking for creative gift alternatives that aren't just mooncakes? Check out our Mid-Autumn Festival gift guide for some inspiration! Read it here

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