Qixi Festival Gift Guide [2021]

Qixi Festival, or better known as Chinese Valentine's Day is just around the corner! If one Valentine's Day on Feb 14 wasn't enough, then this is the perfect opportunity to show your special someone a little extra love.

Qixi Festival Story (七夕节)

If you didn't already know, Qixi Festival is a celebration of love inspired by the romantic legend of a goddess weaver girl (Zhinü 织女) and an oxherd (Niulang 牛郎). The story goes that the two lovebirds, after having their love affair discovered, were separated by the heavens.

Only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar, are they allowed to finally meet. Celebrated by lovers and long-distance couples alike, this year it falls on the 14th of August.

With Chinese Valentine's Day fast approaching, the big question on everyone's mind is - What gift do I get? Not to worry, we've done all the hard work for you! Here's a comprehensive list of Chinese Valentine's Day gift ideas for your special weaver girl or oxherd boy.

Chinese Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

BloomThis Eternity Scarlet Preserved Rose


What better way to show her a sign of your everlasting love than with a preserved rose that lasts forever. Carefully adorned with a single crystal and nestled in a bed of enchanting blooms, it's guaranteed to have her swooning this Chinese Valentine's Day. A flower as eternal as the star-crossed lovers, Zhinü and Niulang.

Buy: BloomThis Eternity Scarlet Preserved Rose
Price: From RM 199

BloomThis Ashley Red Rose Bouquet


Rosy and red. Nothing says "I love you" more than receiving a fresh bouquet of gorgeous roses from your loved one. Brilliant red roses surrounded by contrasting stems of eucalyptus cinerea make it the perfect romantic gift this Chinese Valentine's Day. Psst! Go for the large size and she'll feel like she's got a field of roses in the palm of her hand.

Buy: BloomThis Ashley Red Rose Bouquet
Price: From RM 150

Psyndrome Personalised Jewellery


You can never go wrong with jewellery, but you can do even better with a piece of jewellery that's made just for her. Psyndrome is a Malaysian-based brand that specialises in customised jewellery from necklaces to bracelets. Check out their personalised name necklaces, it's to die for!

Buy: Psyndrome Personalised Jewellery
Price: From RM 49

Olere Secret Message Candle

bloomthis-qixi-festival-gift-guide-2021-05-olere-secret message-candle

If your dear has a passion for scents and candles, she probably already has her own collection. But why not take it to the next level with a romantic candle that reveals a secret message when lit! You can customise it with whatever inside jokes, pet names, or words of affection you want. A modern way of saying "You light up my world!".

Buy: Olere Secret Message Candle
Price: RM 138

Peachnut Shop Custom Painted Mirror


Couple portraits are absolutely adorable! Put it on a cute mirror and now it’s also a priceless reminder of how much you love her, every time she uses it. Peachnut Shop has a knack for capturing the little moments of life in cute mirror paintings. Send them a picture of you and your soul mate for a truly heart-warming gift.

Buy: Peachnut Shop Custom Painted Mirror
Price: From RM 30

Chinese Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne | BloomThis


You can never go wrong with a bottle of champagne, especially Moët. It's sure to bring him back to the pre-MCO days. While you're at it, why not try something new like the Rose Imperial flavour? A more romantic expression of the classic Moët & Chandon with notes of berries and peach. It pairs perfectly with pork or salmon, so why not cook a special meal along with it?

Buy: Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne | BloomThis
Price: From RM 329

Inside Scoop Hazelnut & Rocher Ice Cream (Twin Pack) | BloomThis


Who said ice-cream was only meant for breakups and heartaches? The way we see it, it can also be the sweetest reminder of your love! Send him two tubs of Inside Scoop's irresistible ice-cream and you'll have his heart melting faster than ice-cream. Their Hazelnut and Rocher flavours are our favourites, but there's also Vanilla Bean, Valrhona Chocolate and even Durian.

Buy: Inside Scoop Hazelnut & Rocher Ice Cream (Twin Pack) | BloomThis
Price: From RM 95

Fossil Watches


Watches for men are like earrings for women. While not entirely necessary, It's a staple of any wardrobe and often helps to complete the outfit. If your man doesn't already have a watch on his wrist, get the man a Fossil watch! They’re known for having reliable, quality watches at an affordable price. The best part? Their watches come with a free engraving service for a personalised touch.

Buy: Fossil Watches
Price: From RM 329

Brew & Bread Coffee Drip Bag


It's hard to get a delicious brew these days, especially with the lockdown keeping everyone at home and our favourite cafes closing down. Luckily for us, boutique coffee roasters like Brew & Bread are helping to make sure we can still get quality cups of coffee even from home. Order some of their award winning coffee beans, pre-grounded and served in convenient coffee drip bags. Or better yet, try their One-Month-Supply Coffee Box With Kettle Set, for a set of 30 bags.

Buy: Brew & Bread Coffee Drip Bag
Price: From RM 38

Chinese Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

BloomThis Pothos Plant


Doing long distance can be tough on anyone, with all the separation, loneliness and uncertainty about it. But you can make it slightly easier for both of you by getting matching plant pets! Not only will it keep them busy(and company), it's a fun way to keep in touch and updated on each other's lives. What's the perfect beginner plant? Get a Pothos plant! It's easy to maintain, indoor friendly and grows prolifically. Just like your love will!

Buy: BloomThis Pothos Plant
Price: From RM 14

Jellycat Bashful Cream Bunny (M) | BloomThis


Not being able to physically hold your partner may be one of the hardest parts of doing a long distance relationship. While you can't be there to give them a warm hug, you can send them an adorable plush toy to brighten up their day. Our Jellycat Bashful Cream Bunny should do just the trick. Its gorgeous long ears that look like two big dollops of cream are enough to make anybody smile this Chinese Valentine's Day.

Buy: Jellycat Bashful Cream Bunny (M) | BloomThis
Price: From RM 129

Uncommon Goods Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set


Sometimes love can be as simple as letting someone know you're thinking of them. With the Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set by Uncommon Goods, you can send your partner some love with just a touch of the bracelet. These quirky accessories allow you to tap on your bracelet and have the other one light up and vibrate no matter the distance.

Buy: Uncommon Goods Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set
Price: RM 458.25

LDR Heart Map


You may be separated by distance but this cute customisable LDR Heart Map can help to make that distance feel so much shorter. Choose from one of their various cute designs and combine a map of your location with theirs - a way to say that no matter the distance, your love will prevail.

Buy: LDR Heart Map
Price: RM 31

Souly Love Letter Care Package


There are very few things more romantic than a handwritten love letter and Souly does a great job at it with their Love Letter Care Packages. Each package comes with a personalised photo frame, handwritten letter and special treats tailored to him/her. If you're worried about your handwriting. Don’t! They'll even handwrite the letter for you so you can be sure it'll look like it came out of a romance novel.

Buy: Souly Love Letter Care Package - For her / For him
Price: RM 290

Love Language Card Game


Hours upon hours of video calls and facetime can get a little repetitive sometimes, we know! Running out of things to do while on call? Try the Love Language Card Game for a fun little couple's activity! Not only will it be a fun way to pass the time, it's also a good way to learn about your special other and understand the kinds of love language they best respond to. Happy playing!

Buy: Love Language Card Game
Price: RM 15

Need a last-minute gift?


Not to worry! Browse our Qixi Festival Sale Collection to get your Chinese Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts along with a free message card and personalised photo! Free same-day delivery included.

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