Over the centuries, peonies have been cultivated in different continents. Being nurtured in a different soil naturally meant that peonies would symbolize something significant in that country’s culture, arts, science, politics and literature. Today, we will look at what peonies meant to Greece and the Medieval Europe period then.


The Medieval period

The Medieval period, also known as the Middle Ages was from the 5th to 15th Century. (We are now in the 21st Century, in case you didn’t know or have forgotten ;D) The Medieval painters often painted peonies’ ripe seed-capsules, not the flower petals. It is the seeds, not the flowers, which were medically significant to them. During those days, they have a superstition about peonies too. The superstitious believed that while picking the plant’s fruit, you must not be seen by a woodpecker, lest the bird come and peck your eyes out. In asylums, people deemed as ‘lunatics’ were covered with peony petals and leaves, as it was believed peonies would cure them. At night, keeping some peony seeds under your pillow would help you avoid any nightmare experiences while you sleep.



Travel the southeastern part of Europe, and you would discover that the Greeks had many mythology tales about this flower too. The most popular tale would be Paeon, a mortal physician to the gods. He received a peony flower from Apollo’s mother on Mount Olympus. One myth tells of aging Paeon saved from natural human death. He was transformed into a peony instead of dying as other mortals. You can say the idea of peony as the symbol of compassion was derived from this tale – a mortal saved by a God; his legacy was preserved not in black ashes but in the ethereal form of peony, a widely-adored flower on earth.


Another story that connects peonies to Greek medicinal life is Paena. Paena was a student under the tutelage of the Greek god of medicine Asclepius. Paena was exceptionally brilliant to the point that he was better than his master. Greek gods gives in to jealousy easily, unfortunately. It would be a matter of time when Asclepius will become envious of Paena’s abilities, and made an epic fuss at Mount Olympus. Zeus had to save Paena from Asclepuis wrath by transforming Paena into a peony flower (Seriously, what’s with turning Greek doctors into flowers?!)

Okay, enough about Greek doctors and medicine. On a more romantic angle, some Greeks associate the peony to the moon. It was said that the moon goddess Selene created peonies to reflect the moon’s bright beams during the night.


While peonies generally have noble associations to it, particularly for couples to have a happy marriage life, only a few remembered that this flower has another meaning too - the floral meaning of shyness.


The original idea of peony symbolizing bashfulness came from legends of nymphs (female guardian deities of nature). Nymphs are known to be shy and bashful in the presence of humans. So peonies’ petals are usually used as a hiding place from human eyes. Since the nymphs favoured peonies, some associated peonies with beauty and female fertility. This is because peonies bloom during, or even directly after spring.



There you have it, symbolism of peony to Europe in general. Next week, we will look at what peonies meant to the Japanese, Chinese and Indiana Americans. Don’t miss out this juicy last part!

Marco Polo once called me “Roses, as big as cabbages”.

[The Lush Pink Peony]
Source: http://goo.gl/rqWPyE

 10 Things Up, Close and Personal with me:

  1. I’ve lived since a long time ago, dated back to at least 1000 B.C. Revered since ancient times, there are numerous legends associated with me.  One claimed that I got my name from a Greek mythology - Paeon, who is a physician to the gods.
  1. There are two main types of me – the herbaceous peonies, perennials that grow from tuberous roots, and tree peonies, which are deciduous shrubs.
  1. I come alive in late spring to early summer and wither when winter comes. During my life time, I can grow quite large in size, up to 10 inches!
  1. Elegant and poise, I dress in lush sweet fragrant ruffles of deep burgundy, pink, white and yellow. In fact, I like most colours except blue.
  1. I am a native to Asia but travelled to Europe and The Americas in the 19th Century.
  1. Together with my other flower friend, the plum blossom, I am a national floral symbol of China. My Chinese name is 牡丹 (mǔdān). I’m found to be the finest throughout China in Louyang, known also as the Peony Capital. There is an annual Louyang Peony Festival to celebrate my beauty and I’d love to have you join me!
  1. I am a prominent theme in Chinese and Japanese art, ranging from paintings to literatures and adorn porcelains. European artists like Vincent van Gogh, also sought to capture me on canvas.
  1. Weddings are my favourite event because I’m all about romance and prosperity. I am reputed for bringing good fortune and a happy marriage. In the Western world, I am the 12th Wedding Anniversary flower. So for those of you celebrating your 12th year being married, remember to include me!
  1. My flower buds produce a nectar that attracts ants, which climb up and help to open the buds in order to get to the nectar contained within.  Although I can bloom without ants, but these insects do help with my blooming process and keep other damaging insects at bay.
  2. Do you know that besides beauty, I also possess medicinal qualities?  I can enhance the human nervous system of the brain, increase memory power, lower cholesterol and help proper liver function.

I have a vase life about 5 days. Just like my other flower friends, remember to trim my stalk and change water every 2-3 days, keep me away from direct sunlight and fruits. I look forward to beautifying your space with my presence!


[An elegant beauty simply in a vase]

 Let me end with a quote by Jim Carrey, “Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.”

So my dear Bloomsters, look up, turn your face upon the sun and follow where the ray of light falls. They are the most pleasant grounds to gaze upon.

Think beautiful thoughts always!

Beautifully Yours,

Celosia derives from the Greek word ‘κηλος’ (kelos), meaning ‘burned’, while Gerbera epitomises innocence and purity.

At a glance, they may not make the best partners but we’d like to think otherwise, just like a wonderful relationship where opposites attract! The Celosia and Gerbera compliment such a beautiful juxtapose with their personalities.

Getting to know Celosia and Gerbera

The Celosia

Originated from parts of Africa and Asia, Celosias are very unusual flowers in shape and texture. They come in bright pink, red, white, purple, yellow and orange. Also known as Cockscomb or Woolflower, they bear resemblance to a piece of coral or a psychedelic brain.

Celosia blossoms are formed with hundreds of tiny flowers packed in dense, brightly colored flower heads that usually stand above the foliage. Generally, this flower falls into 3 types:

  • The Celosia Cristata - with crests of wrinkly looking knobs
  • The Celosia Plumosa - with plumes of featherlike flowers
  • The Celosia Spicata - with spikes or elongated cones.

[Celosia Cristata] source: http://goo.gl/y3f2rR

The Gerbera Daisy

Native to tropical regions in South America, Africa and Asia, the meanings of Gerberas stem from those attributed to the general daisy family. Daisies are also a classic symbol of beauty. However, the gerbera variety holds an added meaning of cheerfulness.

The Gerbera Daisies comes in various forms. Generally, this flower falls into 4 types:

  • Single Flowers– with a row of non-overlapping petals (ray florets) with a green center (disc florets). These are the most common gerberas available in the market.
  • Double or duplex– with a double row of overlapping petals with a green, black, or dark red eye.
  • Crested doubles– with two rows of overlapping petals with one or more inner rows of shorter petals with a green, black, or dark red eye.
  • Full crested doubles– with solid overlapping rows of petals with an inner row diminishing in size, covering the eye entirely.

[Pink Gerbera Daisies] source: https://goo.gl/LLAlyY

Do you know?

Celosias made good dried flowers and has medical values. It can be used as a treatment for intestinal worms (particularly tapeworm), blood diseases, mouth sores and eye problems. The seeds treat chest complaints and the flowers treat diarrhea. The leaves are used as dressings for boils and sores.

Gerbera Daisies contain naturally occurring coumarin derivatives. As plants, they are a tender perennial plant and attract bees, butterflies and birds, but are found to be resistant to deers.

How To Care for your Celosia and Gerbera Daisy?

Both the Celosias and Gerbera Daisies have long vase life spans but these simple tips will help you to have them around longer.


  1. Place your long-stemmed gerbera daisies in a vase where the water is about one inch deep.
  2. Cut gerbera daisies can soak up water through their stems and essentially begin to weaken and decay if the water is too deep. By keeping only shallow water in the vase, the stem stays stronger longer and continues to keep your gerbera daisies fresh!
  3. Celosia is a no fuss flower and can last up to 14 days if properly cared for. Just care for it as you would treat your gerbera daisies and it should bloom proudly alongside.
  4. OR you can always separate them into two vases to brighten up more spaces in your home or office. Just have fun experimenting mix-and-match!
  5. Avoid your flower vase near ripening fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter. This will definitely shorten their vase life.
  6. Remember to trim the stems at a slant and change the water every 2-3 days. Here you go, now your space is blooming with a beautiful juxtapose!


[Gerbera Daisies in a vase) source: http://goo.gl/c34rr6

[Red Celosia Cristata on a dinner arrangement] source:

Fun Trivia!

Celosia means Silliness (but that name calling has a cute sweet teasing to it, like when you tease a loved one!). And Gerbera is the name of an anime exclusive town in Sinnoh (Pokemon)! Who would have guessed?

Never be afraid to try something new, Bloomsters! Till next week, have a beautiful one ahead.

Bold. Bright. Opulent.

Comes in various hues of orange with a strong and sweet smell, The Tiger Lily beams with pride, as though it knows exactly how good it looks. According to the floral dictionary, the Tiger Lily signifies wealth and pride. Don’t get it wrong though, this pride carries a positive connotation which exudes confidence, not vanity or arrogance. Nobility is also often associated with this fiery flower and a reason why it signifies a symbol of wealth.

Spotless Tiger Lily, close up (source: http://feelgrafix.com/905155-tiger-lily-flower.html)


Getting to know The Tiger Lily

It was first discovered in 1753 by a well-known Swedish botanist, Carl von Linne. There are five species of the tiger lily and these species are native to locations from western, southeastern and central North America, as well as central China and northern Asia to Japan.

Hybrid Tiger Lily (source: yardlovertimes.com)


Double Orange Tiger Lily (source:


Ditch Lily (source:


Tiger lilies bloom in the earlier part of summer and is a favourite flower for this season. Of all the flowers in the world, this bright orange flower has the most unique looking petals. Some species come with spots that make them extra special - be it black or dark violet spots, it gives character to the tiger lily that cannot be seen on any other flower. This bold flower has six stamens that are made up of anthers and filaments; one pistil, with a long style; and a stigma with three lobes.


Do you know?

The Tiger Lily have a medical reputation for relieving nausea and nasal congestion.  It is a highly esteemed plant for its herbal values and almost all of its parts are edible (except for the pollen which can be toxic!).


However for cat owners, do note that the Tiger Lily is toxic to cats. So please keep your cats at bay from the flowers! And if you are planning to grow the Tiger Lily alongside your other lilies, please keep a distance too as tiger lilies can carry viral diseases and pass them on to your other lily species.  Gasp!


How To Care for your Tiger Lilly?

  1. Upon unboxing your Bloom This package, allow 1-2 days for your Tiger Lilly buds to fully bloom in your favourite vase or jar filled with 1/3 water.
  2. Though planted lilies do well in sunlight, cut lilies do not. Once cut, these flowers require a cool environment and away from direct sunlight to keep the blooms looking fresh longer.
  3. To ensure that your lilies remain fresh for an extended period of time, carefully pluck the pollen from each of these stamens, with care not to allow the pollen to touch the petals. If the pollen gets on the flower petals, it can eat away at these delicate flower parts, leading to a shorter life for your blooms.
  4. Like all flowers, lilies require fresh water to survive. Many lily bouquet recipients make the mistakes of filling up the vase once, then allowing the lilies to stay in the same potentially stagnant water until they wilt. To prolong the lives of your lilies, replace the water daily and trim the stems at a slant after 3 days.
  5. And now, your space is beaming with pride!


Tiger Lily in a vase arrangement (source: https://goo.gl/uAlpIj)


Fun Trivia!

Do you know that in the Disney animated movie, ‘Peter Pan’ (2003), Tiger Lily is the character of an Indian Princess and daughter of the Native Chief? She is a loyal friend to Peter Pan.


Tiger Lily, the character (source: http://goo.gl/ucAoX5)


May your upcoming weekend be as bright as the tiger lilies, Bloomsters! Till next week, have a beautiful one.

This week’s selected choice: Pink Roses, Yellow Eustomas, and Statice!

Individually they put a sweet and soft touch to your environment and are fairly popular amongst florists for their own purposes; wedding bouquets with pink roses, eustoma corsages, fillers or dried flower arrangements. But with a combination of these three, you have yourselves a bouquet/vase of the sweetest colour combo that would melt the hearts of anyone who set their eyes upon them.

    Pink roses are thought of as an imperative element in exclusive rose arrangements and venue decoration by high class florists and floral designers. And now over the years, these blooms have been growing in popular demand that they are now commonly used for special occasions like weddings, celebrations of birth, anniversaries. These charming pink roses that we’ve picked for you are the perfect fairytale bloom and ideal for baby showers or weddings.


Roses have a reputation for being difficult to care, but with these following steps, the pink roses that we have chosen for you will thrive and brighten up your surroundings for sure.

  1. Since we have already taken off the excess foliage and thorns from the stems before sending them to you, you won’t have to worry about that and flower arranging is made easy!
  2. After removing the roses from the water tubes, you may cut the stems again if you wish at a 45 degree angle. (TIP: if your roses are looking droopy by the time they arrive at your home, you can simply recut the stems, place them in hot water for 30 seconds, then cut the stems again before putting your roses in fresh water. Your roses should be standing proud again in no time.)
  3. Arrange them in a clean vase filled with fresh and cool water. You may mix some floral preservatives if you wish.
  4. Remember not to place them near places with currents of cool air, a heat source, or close to fruits.
  5. It is best to add extra water in the first three days as avalanche roses tend to drink up a lot fluid in that period.
  6. Wilted blooms should be discarded and if your flowers go limp, it means they are not drinking well and need to be recut.

Eustomas, also known as Lisianthus, are one of the most exquisite and dainty flowers much loved by home gardeners and botany enthusiasts today.

You can get single or double flowers from the bloom, and much like the wide variety of roses, eustoma comes in an extremely generous colour palette such as purple, white, pink, blue, lavender, cream, mauve, and some may even be lucky and find bi-colours. Here’s how to keep them lively and ethereal for days to come:

  1. Similar to the pink roses, it is best to display them in a location with no direct sunlight and away from drafty areas. A place that is neither too hot nor cold is optimum.
  2. It is absolutely natural to see both larger and smaller buds in Eustomas. The buds that show colour may fully bloom, while the smaller ones may not and that is perfectly normal. These smaller buds will give more accent to the larger blossoms and foliage.
  3. The leaves may wilt before the flowers. Usually the flowers we send you will have a couple foliage, or none at all, but you should remove them when they start to droop or discolour.
  4. As always, remember to take out wilted petals and check on the water level frequently to replenish (this goes for any sort of flowers)!

Last but not least, we have the statice which are grown for both its colourful flowers (ranging from white, lavender, yellow, blue, and rose) and everlasting calyx and it is known to last for months (maybe even years when they are dried). Statice are one of the few flowers that look almost as beautiful dry as they do fresh, which is why they are so popularly used in dried flower arrangements and while they are in full bloom they are widely used by florists as a filler in cut arrangements because of their delicate look yet long lasting in the vase.


In addition to its traditional floral uses, statice also has a reputation for its medicinal benefits where lavender flower oils can be extracted and used as a cure for toothaches and ulcers, while its aromatherapy uses help eases people’s minds and relieve them of their troubles.

Another wonderful fact about this amazing flower is that the petite flowers you see are actually bracts (a modified or specialized leaf), and the real flowers are hidden inside. Oh, the simple little things!

Hope you find these information useful and maybe even interesting, and that you anticipate in getting these lovely blooms at your doorstep this week!

Hi Bloomsters, our selection for you this week is the night-blooming Tuberose!

Do you know that fresh cut tuberoses are a very fragrant flower with multiple blooms per stem? You'll see that each bloom is innocently white and elegant in trumpet shape. However, do you also know that not all of the blooms will open? Even so, they will release the most delicious fragrance! This white flower will definitely add a lush to your home.

We suggest you to follow the instructions below to help your flowers bloom big and bright over the next few days.

1) Carefully remove tuberoses from the cottons.

2) Fill your favourite vase/ jar with 1/3 water.

3) You may trim the stems again at a slant for about 1/2 an inch. This step can help open up the stem pores which in turn allows your flowers to absorb more water.

4) You may re-trim the stems and change the water on day 3 to when you observe the water is turning colour.

5) Remember to place your tuberoses at a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

At BloomThis, we are here to bring you convenience in flower arranging. We have already stripped the excess foliage off the stems for you so that you can conveniently place your tuberoses in your favourite vase or jar. 

The delightful fragrance of tuberose makes it a common use in the perfume making industry for hundreds of years. If you are a fan of perfumes, chances are you might already been using fragrances that contain tuberose extract. Check out these few products that do have these magical scent :)

We hope you find these care tips for tuberoses helpful and hope you enjoy your bloom this (pun intended) week. Ciao.

We often take many things in life for granted; that we have clean water to drink, that we have
all sorts of communication to convey ideas, images and stories, good weather, the wonderful
human-invention called music, the existence of medicine, the ever-growing development of
technology, having complete sense and sensation (to see, hear, touch, taste, feel, laugh, and to
love), some free time, nature, pets, health, imagination, food…

… And more importantly, the ability to read, to write, to count, and maybe even to draw.

It is mostly the simple and fundamental things in life that we don’t take into account for
completing our lives.
Most of us have taken for granted the people who have taught us the skills we have now,
which are our teachers. Do you still remember your first English teacher who taught you your
ABC’s and how to differentiate noun and verb? Or your first Maths teacher who taught you
how to count, and then later on how to add and subtract or how to tell the time, the date, and
the month?

My favourite subject in school has always been English as I loved reading and writing a lot. I
was also very keen on learning everything there is to learn about the subject and how to write
creatively. For this, every English teacher I had in my school days were people I looked up
to, and needless to say I even paid extra attention to their classes as well (although my well
intentions either turned me into a teacher’s pet or the know-it-all in class, I still remember I
had a lot of fun). My least interested subject, on the other hand, was of course,
Sejarah/History. I plead guilty of nearly falling asleep and not paying enough attention in
classes. But in my last year of high school with the pressure and fear of not passing the
subject for my SPM, my Sejarah teacher made sure to keep her all her classes fun and
interactive while pouring out all her knowledge to us. She would make jokes to keep us
interested and often gave us interactive activities in class for us to remember what happened
in what year, who did it and whatnot, but more importantly, she would infuse the important
names, dates and events into songs which made it 110 times easier to remember (yes, she was definitely a very hip and modern teacher). I cannot thank her enough for making it so much
easier to like my least favourite subject just a little bit more, especially during my last year of
high school.

It is on the 16th of May every that we celebrate Teachers’ Day to thank the people who
have worked day and night to help foster and develop the talents of the younger generations.
We appreciate their hard work and selfless efforts in educating us and the generations to
come, as well as being a part of our years of youth and growth.

To quote Anatole France:
“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds
for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards”.

I would like to say thousand thank yous to Mr. Lim and Puan Hidayah, for your hard work,

and for being my teacher.

Happy Teacher's Day.

Written by: Allyson Yong

Its almost Mothers Day. What are you giving your mum for her special day? People always say that flowers do not last; they will eventually die. For that reason, some people do not believe in the power of giving flowers. Flowers hold significant meanings they represent love, hope & happiness. They deliver a strong emotional impact especially to women. It is not WHAT you give her, its the thought that matters most to her.

WHY give flowers to your mum? Flowers represent beauty. Women appreciate anything that looks beautiful, or anything that makes them feel beautiful. Giving flowers to her is another way of reminding her how beautiful she is, and despite the fact that flowers may lose its glow & die, her beauty lasts forever. The flowers you give also remind her how much you appreciate her, and how much youve bloomed into the person you are today, thanks to her many years of dedication and patience. Giving her flowers simply reminds her that shes done a good job as a mother.

BloomThis provides flowers for all kinds of occasions, even Mothers Day. We are where we are today, also, thanks to our mothers. To express our gratitude towards our dearest mums, we would like to spread the joy of giving flowers to everyone who appreciates the beauty and power of flowers. In conjunction with Mothers Day, wed recommend our BloomThis Signature.

You can also choose to subscribe to our service after Mothers Day. You shouldnt stop sending flowers to your life giver! We always have great ways to surprise our clients. Were sure well surprise your mum too! Fresh luxury flowers will be sent to your doorsteps every week if you chose to subscribe to our monthly service. Optionally, you can have the flowers sent to your mums address if you cant personally hand them to her. All of our flowers are carefully hand-picked. We dont deliver imperfections! Likewise, well surprise you every time a box of flowers is sent to you. Open up the box and see what we have for you each time!

Our Signature Collection offers not just any kinds of flowers but the ones your mum will talk about with her fellow friends! Women love artistic things, so giving your mum luxurious bouquets of flowers will leave a memorable impression, even make her smile after she had a rough day!


When you look at a rose, a daisy or a carnation, which of these flowers connect with you the most? Have you ever thought your answer might actually reflect your personality? In fact, the Victorians even invented a language of flowers called floriography. Take a look at these flowers, pick your favourite one and see if it reflects your personality!



You’d be the type who is described as deeply passionate and romantic. Relationships form your core essence, and your heart (rather than your head) leads you. Open your wardrobe and we’ll find pink and girly frills. You love tradition, family and holiday and you always strive for perfection.



You wake up full of energy. Nothing stops you and nothing makes you sad. You’re the sort who is always smiling, always infecting others with your warmth, and you’re the life of the party. Friends are important to you, and you’re stubbornly loyal to them no matter what.



Your friends would call you genuine. Others call you down to earth. But you see yourself as a simple person who is happy with life and aren’t too keen on big changes. Your style is pretty unique and most of the time you’re reserved. In life, you prefer to be real and practical.


It’s no wonder everyone loves you. You’re sweet, sensitive, thoughtful and you love your friends and family. Your Facebook is filled with pictures of your travels and your BFFs. Even strangers find you sunny and warm because of your great smile and shining personality. Life is great, and you wake up every morning ready to soak all that Life has.



At a party, you’re the one everyone is whispering about. Who is she, they ask. There’s something about you. Perhaps it’s because you’re classy and sophisticated; perhaps it’s that mysterious aura you have. But little is known of you because you keep a tight circle of close friends. Exotic, worldly, first impressions are important to you.




If we were sitting in a big group, you’d be the quiet type. But, once we know you, you’re a riot! Quiet yet witty, reserved yet intense, you’re the sort who likes to keep things private. And yet, when we know you well, we find that you’re the most loyal and best friend we can ever ask for.



Travelled to exotic places most people can’t even spell? Checked. Got a bag with a brand name no one has heard before? Checked. Spends Friday nights watching romantic films and are totally ok with not being out partying? Checked. You’re unique, you’re mysterious, and you love to explore.



Baby’s Breath


A child that never quite grew up, you’re the Peter Pan who remains innocent and young and heart. You go a little crazy sometimes, and people just want to give you a big hug. Fairy tales and everlasting love is something you believe in, and no amount of pragmatism is going to change your mind. A romantic deep inside, you’re always cheerful and happy.



What a rare gem you are. You’re the sort friends turn to if they need help. In fact, people are always stopping you from giving money to the homeless! Loving, motherly, kind, people can always rely on you for some kindness. In fact, helping people makes you smile, and you get even happier!



Oh, you sunshine. Happy, cheerful – does anything ever get you feeling down? It’s no wonder when you walk in the room, everyone lights up. You’re the last person to cry or be sad. Nothing stops you from being bubbly and energetic, no matter how tough life is.



At school, arts must have been your favourite subject because you’re exceptionally artistic. You’re calm, like a painter. You’re cool, like a composer. You’re steady, like a sculptor. It’s no wonder you get things done all the time, and enjoy doing it!



Your party loving friends cannot host a party without you. You’re vibrant and frankly, a little mad. The party starts when you arrive. Expressive, creative, you’re like light that draws people to surround you to listen to your epic stories.



Your sweetheart loves you because you’re the sort who is full of surprises. You love that look when people are surprised by a small gesture like a card or a simple thank you note. You have a great heart and listen well, and people love spending all night talking with you.



You read books like 50 Shades of Grey. You look at a mundane scene, and your imagination runs wild. Experiencing new things such as bungee jumping gets you excited! You meditate and self reflect a lot; you’re a dreamer who wants to save the world. You hate to wake up and do the same thing again and again, and routine simply bores you.