This is part 2 of our flat lay tutorial by guest blogger, Kaylee Lim of Luxella.
If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Here comes the fun part of  flat lay photography, taking the photo!

5) Snap away! Be creative with your arrangements and don’t be afraid to try something new. When in doubt, just add more petals!

6) Other than editing with instagram filters, try touching up your snaps with these popular and free editing apps:
7) Plan ahead for your Instagram grid and theme. Before posting, you could use VSCO’s grid to preview and plan how your overall feed would look like. Consistency with colours and your filters is key. So pick a favourite colour theme and stick with it. For the  @luxella feed, I usually alternate coloured images with flatlays and I always prettify my pictures with flowers.
8) Spend some time browsing other instagram feeds for inspiration. Some of my favourites are @sophoclesblog’s travel account has a boho chic theme & @lizzie_oren has very clean, white background flatlays.  

If you are interested in any of the adorable products used in the tutorial, just click on the plus sign on the item you desire to shop it!
We would like to thank Kaylee for taking time out to give us these awesome tips!

Hi all, I’m Kaylee from Luxella and today I’ll be taking over the BloomThis blog (Thanks guys) to share some Instagram flatlay tips. Luxella is a website that sells Japanese beauty products directly from Japan, and I do spend a lot of time on Instagram.

1. Pick a camera what you’re comfortable with - any phone camera would work well.

We’ll be snapping some flatlays with confetti rose petals, BloomThis blooms and some Japanese beauty products.

2. Natural light is the easiest to work with. So pick a sunny / semi-cloudy day and set up by a window. Lighting can make or break your picture, so do some test shots to find the perfect lighting


3. Pick flowers or petals that match the overall colour scheme. For example if the beauty products have pink packaging or tones, try using some pink petals. If you are photographing a bouquet of red roses, pick some stronger coloured items that will complement the rose petals. Gold goes with red quite well . Also, there’s water in the BloomThis box, so make sure you drain it first if you do want to lie it on the side.

4. Invest in some backgrounds. These waterproof, cleanable backgrounds come in many colours and textures. You don’t need to spend thousands for a marble countertop - just get some marble contact paper for less than $20. But make sure the backgrounds are matte - shiny ones won’t photograph well. 

Watch out for part 2 of Kaylee's flat lay tutorial on our blog coming to you on the 28th of October!

There are many risk factors in breast cancer that we may not be able to control such as genetics, race and age. However, there are risk factors that are within your control and that could help you reduce your risk of getting breast cancer.

1. Consuming alcohol


Research shows that compared to women who don't drink at all, women who have 3 alcoholic drinks per week are 15% more likely to have breast cancer. Drinking alcohol has been clearly linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer as consuming alcohol damages the DNA in cells.


2. Exercise


Evidence has shown that exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer. With as little as 2 1/2 hours of of brisk walk, a woman's risk of breast cancer is reduced by 18%. During exercise, blood sugar is consumed and control and this limits the levels of insulin growth factor which can affect how breast cancer cells grows and behave.


3. Eating Unhealthy Food


Research has shown that women that more fats in their diet had an increased risk of breast cancer. The risks of breast cancer also doubled among those who ate higher levels of saturated fats compared to those who ate less. Ultimately, it is ideal to keep a balanced diet that is rich in fruits, vegetable and whole grains to keep your body healthy.





90% of breast cancer cases happen to women above 40 years old however that does not remove the risk of younger women being diagnosed with breast cancer too.

There are many factors that may increase the risk of a young woman being diagnosed with breast cancer. You could be at a higher risk of getting breast cancer if

- you have a family history of breast cancer

- you have heavy alcohol usage

- your diet includes high amounts of red meat

- you are obese

These factors are not conclusive but have been shown to put women at higher risk. No matter your risk factor, it is still important for women whether young and old to know how their breasts look and feel. Breast self exams may not be compulsory for women in their 20's but it's a good time to understand how your breasts are when they are young and healthy.


As flower lovers, nothing makes you sadder than to see your fresh flowers wilt faster than expected. There are many methods out there on how to keep your cut flowers fresh for a longer time. Some may sound absurd; such as putting a penny into the water of your vase. 

However, here's a scientific backed method to keep your flowers fresh at almost no cost at all. You probably can find all these ingredients at home or easily get them when you are at the supermarket. 


Why you should use these ingredients? Because each one of it plays an important role in helping your flowers stay fresh!

Make sure you keep these 12 reasons in your calendar so you will always be on top of your flower game! Credits to for the amazing artwork and design!  

Husband's Day is coming up very soon, it's time to give your loving and hardworking men a morale boost! If you have not heard of this day before, Husband's Day happens on 16th of April every year and it is a day to honour and appreciate the men of your life. 

In celebration of husbands, we have collaborated with Ohsum Mossum Terrariums to bring you two Limited Edition Terrariums. Maybe you would be wondering, what in the world are terrariums and why would they make a good gift for your husbands. Let us take you on a brief tour in the world of Terrariums.

Terrariums are essentially mini gardens enclosed in a glass container. Just imagine having your own little patch of greenery growing on your window sill or work desk minus all the hard work and dirty hands. 


Here's why terrariums would make a terrific gift for your husband!

1. They need very little care 
Unlike a real garden, terrariums are able to water themselves through a process of condensation

2. They last for years!
If taken care of, terrariums are able to last not for days or months but years! 

3. They brighten up your work space
Plants have always been known to cheer up a dull space and terrariums are a great option due to their low maintenance. 

4. They are able to relieve stress
Research shows that people who are exposed to plant-life experience lower stress levels than those who don't!

5. They are cool 
Terrariums are self-sustaining, mini ecosystems living within a glass container. Even the macho-est and coolest dudes would be impressed by them!

So don't get the same old belt, shirt or tie for your man this Husband's Day.
Get him our Limited Edition Terrariums that's cool and practical at the same time! He'll think of you and thank you every time he sees it on his desk :)  

Being in the industry of flowers, one question we get asked on a daily basis is, "What kind of flowers should I send for *insert occasion*?"

Flowers have been used as a gifts to express love, friendship and many other human emotions since the birth of ancient civilisations. Throughout the years, different civilisations have assigned meanings to the many flowers cultivated. On top of the vast variety of flowers now available, the different shades of colour they come in also bring different meanings! So it's no wonder that many find sending the right flowers a thorny business. 

If you feel like you are bloom-barded by the seemingly endless array of flowers and their meanings, just refer to this simple infographic here! When in doubt of what flowers to send, you can't wrong with these 3 popular flowers!


With this handy guide, you can easily determine which flowers you should send to your special one to make your occasion together even more memorable! If the flowers you intend to send are not in this list, fret not! You can always have a chat with our friendly flower fairies through our website live chat, Facebook message or drop us a line through email -! 

Being ateliers of unique moments, we are always on the lookout for extraordinary gifts and gifting ideas. One fine day, we met up with John for a drink at a café when he walked in wearing this very t-shirt below.

John's very particular t-shirt

Naturally we were intrigued by this t-shirt that was particular and funny at the same time. After congratulating him for being on diaper duty (his wife made him wear it so he would remember he’s supposed to be changing diapers at home), we asked him where his wife got such a cool t-shirt.

Turns out it’s easily available on a website called We decided to give poor John a break and not Google it there and then after all he had escaped diaper duties to have coffee with us. Upon returning home, we did a quick lookup of

From what we explored, printcious specializes in precious gifts from the heart that can be personalized for your recipient. These highly customizable gifts are great for conveying inside jokes or a special memory or even a reminder to our precious ones; just like how P suggested to create a mug with the line “Don’t scold me please” for G. If you don’t like to exercise your creative streak, there are loads of pre-made gifts that are equally interesting too.

Our little experiment to customise a mug on printcious

Interesting finds are meant to be shared so here’s a few quick links for those of you who are interested in getting someone an extraordinary gift. There’s endless possibilities you could play with ;)

Ideas for Birthday Gifts 

Gifts for the Men in your life 

Gifts for the Women in your life 

Hello again, readers! This week we have the perfect flower for you when you get involved in any of these scenarios as below:


Scenario 1:

Your friend is graduating soon from college or university. And the graduating ceremony will be held in 2-3 months’ time. You’ll be thinking then, “Ok, graduates get flowers. What kind of flower that would perfectly convey, “I’m so proud of you! I’m so glad that you managed to slough through hellish assignments through all terms and finally, you’re ready to make your mark in the corporate world!”


Question: In this context, which flower would convey the message of pride well? Scroll down to find out the answer.

Scenario 2:

Your friend just got married for a few months already. The newly-weds are at the stage where they are still receiving cheeky (and a little too intrusive) comments from well-meaning relatives and friends. Such as, “When are you getting pregnant? When’s my future nephew/niece/grandkid coming?”. Or “Eh, bro/sis, just between the two of us, how’s the ‘bedroom action’ going on between you and you partner?”


Now, coming back to you, you too are tempted to poke some harmless fun at your newly-wed friends. But you want to do something different, something classier. Not join the chorus as others have done. So, you decided that you want to send your own nervy message to the couple in a form of a subtle gift. A tasteful gift that doesn’t suggest anything tacky but the couple will get the message eventually, and laugh it off.


Question: What suitable gift would that be, you think?

Scenario 3:

You are friends with a certain girl for some time. And you felt that she’s your type whom you want to get into a serious romantic relationship with. The tricky part is: how to move from ‘friend-zone’ into ‘lover-zone’ gracefully? Yeah, you thought of asking her outright, and you hope fervently to the Universe that she’ll say “Yes!” But instead of just reciting words to her, you thought that a gift to accompany that proposal moment would add a more romantic touch to it.


Question: How to send the message to your intended love one that says, “I really like you, so much so that I want to be more than ‘just friends’ between us. Would you give us a chance, to take our friendship to the next level?”


Ok, the answer to all the 3 scenario questions is: Orange Roses.

Yes, another type of rose. But it not just any rose.



All colour variations of the roses’ have their floral meanings. The orange rose is a symbol of enthusiasm, gratitude, friendship, desire and passion. The orange rose is what makes the perfect gift to the abovementioned scenarios. Desire? Passion? Well, the orange rose doesn’t convey that strongly as a traditional red rose would, but think of it as a more refined expression of love, a respectful request to make your love grow together with him/her.


Yes, trust the orange roses to deliver your message across the right way, to the right person’s heart =D